MEMBER ARTICLE: The masks of the Luchador

MEMBER ARTICLE: The masks of the Luchador

from Recon News

19 August 2019

By Anonymous Recon Member

Growing up in San Marcos, just outside of Mexico city, there wasn't so much to do. Being one of 4 boys in my family, and with a younger sister we would often play superhero's or Army soldiers, until my eldest brother decided to get into wrestling.

We would often visit my Grandparents in Mexico City, and one summer took us all on our first trip to Arena Coliseo. Arena Coliseo has been around since the 50s, and hosts Lucha Libre (better known as Mexican wrestling). My earliest memory of it was the vibrancy of the colours and crowd and wondering why people wore masks and why didn't they hit each other with metal chairs like they did on the TV?

I also remember spending an afternoon making masks with my brothers at my grandparents so we could wrestle each other. Making paper masks was a cheaper option then buying 4 proper ones and kept us busy for a few hours one afternoon.

The masks are a huge feature in Lucha Libre, and wrestlers of 'Luchadores' will wear a masks throughout their carer, taking on various persona's (it's not uncommon for some to wear them in public too keeping up the persona). Many Luchadores will also have a few different masks, and often will dramatically remove them when they retire. Keeping on the mask is hugely important and having it removed can be detrimental to a person's career. The culture around wrestling in which I grew up and the culture my family build up around wrestling, the removal of a mask was seen as emasculating and degrading.

I never really grew out of Luca Libre, as I grew up I really enjoyed the drama and the flare of it all. I liked the idea of being masked or not knowing who I was fighting. Anonymity and secrecy for me was what appealed the most, with different masks creating a variety of different personas that where as much of an escape to a younger me as they have been to me in my later adult life. Lucha masks also to me were a legitimate way to dress up and live out a whole new tougher persona within the confides of a family and town which would otherwise frown on boys playing dress up and make believe. It was a real escapism form the expectations of what being a boy was and the harsh reality that I knew inside I didn't live up to certain ideals.

As part of my family and my country's culture It was everywhere, with posters and cards you could swap- which later became wanking material. For me through, the sweaty bodies of men touching and fighting each other wasn't the thing that turned me on the most, it was always the masks and what then came to personify to me. The loss of identity and the creation of the new one, and the domination and submissive element of removing it.

I would sit and fantasise about adopting a slick cooler persona, the aggressive fight in which I would partake it and the degradation and emasculation of having it removed both publicly and in private before kissing and fucking in a ring. This ideal roleplay would also switch around depending on who I was fantasising about- my older brothers friend was of the dominant aggressor who I would inevitably succumb too, whereas my senior class mate (who would come to be my future first secret boyfriend) was subservient.

The physical touch and smell of masks add to the overall stimuli of the experience, overly worn masks with a lingering smell of sweat, and sapote oil (which you can use in your hair) heightens my scenes and adds to the overall experience sexually. I have leather versions that are brand new and crisp have the unworn leather smell, and others that are battered through constant wear and tear over the years.

My collection of masks has and still does continue to grow, and over the years have experimented and combined these into my fetish life over the years, along with wrestling and lycra, I've experimented with other types of hoods and masks, but there is something about the Luchadore that holds the most sexual appeal to me and the links to my past and sexual awaking. My collection of different Lucha masks all have their own backstory, and the vibrancy of the colours and patterns will always hold more appeal to me than a standard black rubber hood.

If you have an interest in wrestling, masks or Lycra I would definitely recommend going to watch a Lucha Libre match and if they have a merchandise stand, pick up a mask to play in.

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