from Recon News

20 April 2020

By Skrain

There are few other phrases that can create such a visceral response among some subs as "The Rack". The idea of being laid out totally helpless, body drawn tight, either clothed or not, draws both shivers of fear and feelings of anticipatory lust from select subs. The sound of the clicking of the winch that is drawing their body tighter and tighter evokes both fright and desire. The knowledge that their Dom does not really need to to do any more to Torture them then draw them tighter and tighter, little by little, is both exhilerating, and terrifying.

I know that some of my first exposures to the Kink Lifestyle came from watching some of the low-budget "Sword and Sandal" movies on Saturday afternoons back when I was just 12 or 13. Quite a lot of them had some sort of "Torture test", or "Strength test" for the loincloth clad muscle hero, and on a select few, he would be stretched on the rack. Something about seeing a hard body drawn tight created a response in me that I had never felt before. Over the years there were more scenes in movies and on television involving a hero or some poor prisoner being stretched on a rack for torture, and I still got the same thrill. It might have been from my fantasies of having the athletic Jock types bound and stretched that excited me, as I was always the outsider, the fat kid in Jr. High and High School, and being able to extract some type of "revenge" for their arrogance.

For some subs, the whole idea of being helpless, torso stretched tight, armpits open, ribcage bulging, nipples right up front for use, and cock and balls exposed for whatever his Dom desires is an incredible rush and turn-on. And for some, the idea that they can be stretched out flat on their back for hours, much longer then most guys can endure being hung by their arms just adds to the fear and anticipation. Plus, the rack can be a starting point for so many other types of torture, ranging from Electro, to Breath Control, Flogging, CBT, and more. Of course, just being stretched to the limit and then ignored can be a real torture in itself, as the pain in the arm and shoulder joints slowly builds, as well as the pain in the lower back, added to the mental torture of being utterly hepless, and knowing that a simple turn of the winch handle can double the pain. And yes, I know from personal experience what being stretched that tight and being left for an extended time can feel like!

Finding subs who desire the Rack can be difficult, as some actually fear it, but once they try it, a large percentage seem to get turned on to the idea, and some will ask for more stretching. A good Dom can know how tight to take a sub so it's painful, but not dangerous, as if racking is not done correctly, it can damage the shoulder joints and more. But, for those who know the signs of when a sub has entered that "Submission headspace" the sight, the feel, and even the taste of a gleaming, straing, sweaty body pulled tight in front of them can be a turn-on like no other! Abs flexing, ribs bulging, chest heaving, nipples and cock erect and waiting to be used among moans of delighted suffering, there's almost no other visual and erotic rush like it!

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