MEMBER ARTICLE: The Slave Farm – Part I

MEMBER ARTICLE: The Slave Farm – Part I

from Recon News

25 January 2022

A True Experience

By MasterChris

The train leaves the main station, moving further away from the big city and civilization, eventually driving along a single-track through deep forests. I look at the other travelers and try to find out who shares my fate. I am totally excited and horny at the same time. But I haven't yet identified a familiar face by the time the train reaches the station where we are supposed to disembark.

Just when I'm about to pick up my luggage, I'm approached by a hot boy, apparently another participant. Immediately the excitement evaporates, as we rush to get out. Only now do I see other faces I recognize. However, we don't have time to socialize. The Masters are already waiting for us. Excitement and lust increase immediately.

My luggage is quickly stowed away, and we are taken to the forest to be prepared for further transport. Now tied up and wearing a mask, I feel every touch much more intensely. The excitement explodes. We are brought to the camp in an unknown location, which feels like somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the vehicle stops, and we are lined up. We wait close together and I can feel another slave in front of me and another behind me.

Then one slave after the other is led through the darkness - up some stairs, around corners and through doors. I don't even know where I am now and can only concentrate on touching the masters and slaves around me. We are brought into a large room. What is happening to us now?

One after the other, we must go through the induction procedure. First the slave next to me is taken out of the line. He is ordered to answer questions about his feelings as a slave to the Masters. After that you can only hear how his tight muscle shirt is torn off his body. Next, it is my turn. My mask is removed. I'm ordered to answer the same questions. I stand in front of the masters, completely excited. Then I am ordered to put all of my belongings into a plastic bag and get completely naked in front of everyone. One of the Masters puts on rubber gloves and examines me very carefully.

Each slave is given a slave number, which is clearly written on our chest and back. It doesn't take long before we are also stripped of our names, and we are turned into simple numbers. Tom (I recognized him as we got off the train) is turned into slave 9606.

Eventually, all slaves are stripped, and we see each other naked. It is a very horny sight to see all the trained, sporty and shaved bodies. My gaze wanders over the bodies and to the cocks. My horniness, and my fear, increase rapidly at the sight of some of the XL cocks. On the one hand I'm hoping to be able to feel the huge cock of a Master or one of the other slaves inside of me, yet I am afraid to disappoint my masters by not being able to endure the size. The horniness increases again. After all the slaves are prepared for the camp, we are divided into two groups. Each alpha slave is in command of his team and has several slaves in his coffle.

Then we are taught the rules for the camp as well as the eight slave positions that every slave has to obey to. Slaves who cannot memorize the rules or positions quickly enough collect penalty points that are noted on our backs.

We are now allowed to put on our boots and are led out of the room into the open air. Here we are ordered to lie down on the floor, and the masters test us on the slave positions. Every mistake is awarded with penalty points. The penalty points on the naked bodies slowly increase. After completing the exams, we are told go across the yard to an old, authentic yet clean stable. The slaves' night camp is to be set up here.

Each of the two teams has to line up for this. I feel how the cold metal slave collar is put around my neck and locked. In addition, shackles are locked to the slaves' ankles over our boots. I hear the rattle of chains and one of the Masters comes to me and attaches the chain to my ankle cuffs with a lock. The next lock is snapped into the chain of the slave in front of me, and so on, until each slave on the team is inextricably linked to the slave in front. We are now a slave coffle.

We are given sacks and are sent to the other side of the yard. Here the Masters have already thrown a pile of hay from the barn onto the ground. We are trying to get there together, which is made much more difficult by the chain. After everyone has filled their sack, we go back to the stable to distribute the hay around the sleeping area. The Masters count which team transports the most bags and assign penalty points to the other teams accordingly. After the work is finished our sleeping positions are being allocated. The sleeping bag and the permitted personal belongings are now stored here.

Now it is our job to prepare a nice dinner for the Masters in the Master's chambers before we strengthen ourselves with a slightly less sumptuous meal in the stable. While we eat, we are also able to socialize a bit. Many of the others have already been to the camp several times, others are newcomers like me. The mood is very good, but of course a certain tension remains. After dinner we are allowed to take a shower. For the first time since arriving, there is now a little time to relax.

Then the stable is waiting for us again. The sight that is offered to us in the stable makes the tension and lust rise again. One of the slaves is tied to a wooden trestle with ropes and one of the Masters is just shoving his hard cock into the slave's mouth. The other Masters also order us to service their cocks. A condom is unpacked and rolled onto another Master's cock. Shortly afterwards, the tied slave groans and enjoys the hard cock in his cunt. After the Master has satisfied his lust and withdrawn his cock, it is the turn of the next Master.

Then the slave is untied again, and a few slaves are sent back to the kitchen to prepare fruit. When we get back to the stable, a lean athletic slave is being shackled on his back on the wooden trestle. We decorate the slave with the fruits to create a living buffet. Then we hand the Masters small skewers to spear the fruit. It is difficult to find the right banana in the dark. The peach in the slave's mouth makes him look like a little suckling pig. We can then enjoy the leftovers and clean up the slave. When everything is cleared up again, we have to count the penalty points again. Slave 9060 has collected most of the points, is ordered to step forward and is tied with ropes, widespread, to two pillars in the middle of the stable. A master already has the long whip in hand. We hear the crack of the whip and the groan of the slave at the same time. He receives the number of his penalty points in lashes and is allowed to count out loud. 9060 had stated before the camp that he could handle a lot more pain than I did. When he is untied, he lies down on the wooden trestle next to it to rest. The masters then use this to give the alpha slave his chance to fuck the whipped slave. 9060 thoroughly enjoys being used.

The dim light is then switched off and the masters leave the stable. Horny from the experience and tired from the exertion of the day, reality and dreams mix.

The stable door flies open, the FWEET from a whistle tears us out of our sleep.


Find out what happens to the kinky slaves in Part II – to be posted next week.

*MasterChris is also the organizer of the 'Prison Camp and he will be organizing a new Slave Farm planned for 2022. Chat to him for more info.

*dutchpupmomo wrote the article about his own experience at the Prison Camp.

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