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15 May 2018

By Recon member rubberedup84

There's nothing quite like the feeling of easing into a perfectly lubed rubber catsuit or sliding on a pair of form fitting leather chaps, unless of course they belong to someone else and that someone only just got out of them so you could try. It's not difficult to get hard upon feeling another man's sweat merge with your own, or to be aroused by the commingling of past and present scents with that of the gear. We've all been there, either consciously or subconsciously.

I think it is fair to say that wearing used gear counts as a fetish, one that certainly has a huge following but that does not immediately come to mind for a lot of guys when thinking about what turns them on. In my early days of fetish exploration when I had yet to start my gear collection in earnest, it never occurred to me that it wasn't just the smell or feel of the gear playmates let me try on that piqued my interest, but the fact that they - and potentially many others - had previously worn it. Fortunate to have those experiences and time to reflect, I now realise just how strong a force gear exchange has been to my sexual identity.

Being suited up in another man's wetsuit or catsuit, or sealed inside a recently exited sleepsack, or being thrown a set of someone else's mud-encrusted camos to put on can be, I think, a very powerful experience. Despite the obvious helplessness of being hogtied in a hooded wetsuit on the floor, with your playmate's European friend watching you struggle on cam from thousands of miles away, there is an energy associated with knowing you aren't the only one to have been encased in that gear. And if you are really lucky, there is the added enjoyment of your nose being continually tantalised by the mixture of another man and the material, reminding you that your tormentor has not washed it since his last victim.

There are many stories online that include men swapping gear, willingly and otherwise. One of my favourites on the Eckie AKA Bondagfan blog (and obviously a favourite of the thousands of others who read it according to the comments) details a greedy submissive who is forced to exchange his regular gear with the gear of a slave being led around by its master at a club. Layers are ultimately involved, with the greedy submissive cum new slave naturally informed that he will be kept permanent in the gear. Heaven! Yes, the thought of being forever encased in full rubber with a leather outer layer is hard-on material, but there is certainly added sexual appeal because the gear was already worn, sweaty and undoubtedly smelly. Where does one sign up to this in reality?

Of course, there are also many men who are attracted to used gear simply because it retails for less than something newly made. I acknowledge the practical element here. Especially when starting out, but not yet ready or able to take the plunge on big purchases, the second hand market is a godsend. I remember coming across a pair of second hand US army rubber snow boots (popularly known as Mickey Mouse boots) online many years ago. They were very reasonably priced and would be perfect with my first full rubber catsuit (which met an unfortunate end only months later when it came into contact with the sharp edge of the bathroom door handle). Yet on receiving them and noticing how well-worn they were inside, it was ultimately the knowledge that these boots had once belonged to other men that gave me the greatest satisfaction by sparking many horny thoughts. What did the previous wearers look like? Were any of them kinky too and did they ever take the boots home and do unspeakable things to others, or have them done to them, while wearing them? I could only hope. Even now when I see guys wearing brand new versions of the ones I have, all very slick looking when shined up, their effect is muted by comparison.

Second hand is sexy. The sensory experience associated with wearing another man's gear and the evocation of wild imagination regarding previous wearers underpin its appeal. While the experience of opening up a recently delivered box of newly made gear and immediately trying it on cannot be denied as one of a fetishist's greatest pleasures, the sensation of sliding into a playmate's sweaty catsuit or pulling on a pair of well-worn boots that could have belonged to any number of hot, pervy men has got to at least place a very close second.

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