MEMBER EXPERIENCE: It happens when it happens

MEMBER EXPERIENCE: It happens when it happens

from Recon News

25 February 2016

By ChicagoBoyBear

I came to kink at age 55, rather late I suppose, but one takes the path one is on.

It was at a dinner party thrown by a friend. Two of the guests were a Daddy and his boy, both fully decked in their leathers on their way to an event after the party. At one point, since I was closest to the kitchen, the Daddy said, "Leo, get me a cup of coffee." The tone of his voice, his look, immediately aroused me and I responded obediently and went hard. I was very curious by my response to his words and persona.

Later on I told my husband that I wanted a Daddy and he, who is amazingly loving and supportive, agreed.

I learned one of my trusted friends - one with whom I have played - was a Dom. He had kept it very quiet and though He didn't have lots of experience, He told me He would be my SIR if I wanted. I did want.

I serve as a Contestant Handler at IML. I have met and know some very active people in the Leather Community. I have received tons of support and advice. Because of their assistance I have gained a wider understanding of my role and purpose.

I am a sub, a pleaser, a freak for power-exchange. I have confidence where I did not used to have any. I have the power inherent in the sub's willingness to submit.

I'm 57, soon to be 58, and I have a peace to my life that has always felt missing.

Besides the fine folk of the Leather/Kink Community who have helped me along this way, I'm grateful to Recon which helps me to explore this new life with self-assurance and its many terrific resources.

Thanks ChicagoBoyBear. We're happy to help!
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