MEMBER EXPERIENCE: My first experience as a dom.

MEMBER EXPERIENCE: My first experience as a dom.

from Recon News

14 February 2016

By MasterJ030

A few months ago I took the plunge and created a profile on Recon. I kept it short, stating my inexperience and my areas of interests which I was willing to explore as a Dominant. Once done I felt this anticipating excitement combined with mild anxiousness. I just couldn't wait to see what would happen next…

Over the course of the following weeks I started receiving all sorts of messages. Earlier I had feared that being inexperienced, wouldn't make me an interesting candidate. I couldn't have been more wrong. Many subs responded and wanted to meet me for a play session. I also received messages from masters who were offering me to lend out their slave for a good beating.

One of the responses I got was from an athletic guy in his early forties. He seemed like a friendly sub who'd had some brief experience in the past, and was eager to further explore his submissive side. We exchanged preferences, fantasies and ideas and soon it felt right to plan my first play session with him.

I decided to do order some basic tools online for a beginner like me, which consisted of a blindfold, cuffs for arms and feet, bondage tape and a basic whip. When the day of the session arrived I felt extremely nervous, which resulted in being in my head all the time. I was afraid I would hurt the sub with my actions. Fortunately, after some glasses of wine I managed to relax more and could start exploring my fantasies from the gut.

I really enjoyed the dog feeding session in which I was sitting on his back giving commands when to eat and drink. Moreover, the verbal interactions in which I could act out my role as a Master were very arousing. I also discovered it was really fun to blindfold the slave and let him wait in anticipation one moment and then surprise him the next moment. I enjoyed whipping him and using candle wax on his body. Seeing him getting turned on by all this helped me setting the right pace and direction for the journey. It really worked well to use electronic music as a guide for the direction of the session and also helped keeping unwanted noises from escaping the walls.

In retrospect I can honestly say I enjoyed the session more than I had expected. Having a guy submit to me in the session was a huge turn on for me. Being able to control and do whatever I pleased turned out to be highly erotic, not just in a sexual sense, but also on a mental level - which resulted in a rush.

I am really looking forward to exploring some more with other subs.

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