MEMBER INTERVIEW: Best in Show winner PupPiglet

MEMBER INTERVIEW: Best in Show winner PupPiglet

from Recon News

08 September 2016

We caught up with the title winner of this year's Best in Show pup contest, PupPiglet:

Recon: Congratulations on winning the Best in Show title. What made you decide to enter and how did it feel to win?

PupPiglet: I'd never entered anything like this before and was eager to experience it. I'm quite the exhibitionist (read: show off) so I leaped at the chance to show my puppy skills. I had an awesome time and every pup gave their all each round; I know my knees were covered in bruises from literally throwing myself around the play-area.

I didn't expect to win, or at most win the Obedience round, because me and my handler worked our tails off, but when I didn't win, and then all the other awards went to other people, I kind of settled on the fact that I had done my best and had a great time doing it. So when they announced me as the winner of Best in Show, I literally did a double take before crawling to get the trophy; I was completely blown away.

R: How long have you been a Recon member? Have you had many adventures on the site/app?

PP: Since 2012. I had been on a few vanilla sites up until that point, but I was realising fast that I was seeking more variety in my sex life. And variety I found *winky face*. I've had some awesome, NSFW experiences and met some hot, nasty guys through Recon so I thank you for that.

R: Any you'd care to share?

PP: I had arranged to meet a Dom in Brighton who had his own dungeon playroom. Before the session, I had also arranged to meet another guy for lunch who I had been chatting to for a few weeks. He was insanely geeky, kinky and cute, but wasn't sure if he was interested in me, so I thought to meet him while I was in the area. The subject of the Dom I was meeting came up and a few messages to the Dom later and we were both naked, hogtied with vibrators in us at the mercy of the Dom and his playroom. It was intense! After a few hours of play he then locked us both in his cage and left us alone for the night. And that's how I spent the first night with my then-to-be boyfriend of 3 years.

R: When did you first get into puppy play?

PP: Around 2 years ago I started seeing a Master who lived around the corner from me. At the time I had no idea of the large community that existed or that puppy play had such wide appeal. I was just excited at the prospect of being dehumanised and degraded to an animal. I found I was spending less time at his house as his sub and more being a dog: curled up at his feet, being walked on a leash, being taken outside to piss, eating from a doggy-bowl. Even just the words "Good boy" and his praise made me tingle all over and wag my tail.

R: What other tastes do you have in fetish and kink?

PP: Rubber is a big one for me, fully enclosed or just a jock. Piss is another and I pride myself on never spilling a drop when called upon to be a urinal. It's almost easier to say what I don't like because the kink world has so much to offer that I want to try it all. I'd love to explore my Dominant side more often and put into action the creative abuse onto others that I would want done to me.

R: Are there any other Recon members you'd like to give a shout out to?

PP: 'Oakleigh' doesn't need a shout out but we're both Hampshire Pups, and it was great to compete in Best in Show next to him - he deserved Best Obedience. I also have to give a shout out to 'Archimedes' who did an amazing job handling me that night, looking awesome in his leather gear, and my long suffering boyfriend 'Tepig' who puts up with me and gives the best tummy rubs.