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13 August 2018

We ask Singapore based Pup Chow – Recon member curious617 - a few questions about his fetish tastes. Here's what he had to say:

When did you first get a taste for fetish and kink?

It started off with hearing about pup play and finding a pup group on Facebook (of all places, I know!). I'd also heard about Fascination in Boston, which was the only monthly kink club event at that time (this was about 2 years ago). I'd gone along to the event and met up with a couple of pups, eventually becoming very good friends with a whole bunch of them!

What's your favourite piece of gear/equipment?

My favourite piece of gear that I currently own is my hemp rope. It's very versatile and useful, from being a good rope harness, to binding up someone during play, and maybe even a light flogging session!

How long has rope bondage been an interest and how did you learn?

My interests in rope bondage came about from finding and watching Watts the Safe Word on YouTube! Finding that channel was amazing and so educational. I learnt a lot from there, and it certainly piqued my interest, as it could be used for so many things. I bought my first 30ft hemp rope from a local sex shop not long after and began experimenting on whatever ties I could, by myself at first. Wasn't until I found a willing sub that I tried it on him, and that edging session got so much hotter!

It also led me to getting an anal hook with a loop at the end, too – I really liked it, though interestingly, I've yet to be on the receiving end of a rope bondage session. Tumblr also opened my eyes to many of the predicament bondage sessions, and I'm itching to try that out too..

What is it about pup play that sparked your interest?

The conscious switching into a different headspace was very attractive. I've been prone to periods of anxiousness in my daily life, and even in my sexual life, my brain gets in the way sometimes. The idea of being a pup, playing as a pup, even if it's non-sexual, was very appealing. The feeling of interacting with someone, be it another pup or a master/trainer is a very different feeling, an escapism, if you will.

As with joining/learning about something new, there's always an apprehension. But with pup play, when I got to meet other pups, I was surprised to feel so welcomed! The sense of community is very strong.

Tell us about a memorable experience you've had as a pup:

My first immersion into the pup community was at IML last year – there was a whole pack of puppies there, and we all met up on one of the afternoons. I didn't have a hood back then and a friend let me wear one of his. It was amazing to meet so many pups in real life, in various states of pup gear!

The most incredible part of that experience, however, was after meeting up in the lobby, the group decided to go out of the hotel and to the bean to take pictures! It didn't dawn on me until I was truly outside the hotel, that here I was, in public – all that I had between the world and my kink was this pup hood on my head. It made me feel so many different emotions, especially growing up in such a conservative country as Singapore. It was freeing, petrifying, exhilarating, and mortifying all at the same time! Especially at the Bean, where the tourists started wanting to take pictures with us.

What are you looking for in a pack?

I feel like there can be two types of packs. A community pack which I'm part of – this is mostly online and there to chat and get to know pups from all over – all of whom have been very friendly! I still keep in touch with my Boston pack, and they have been very supportive. They're also the same group of friends whom I walked with in last year's pride parade for the first time.

I haven't found my personal pack yet, but I guess I'd want a pack that I can hang out with, in and out of pup play. Ideally, I'd want to be the alpha of a cute pack of pups, with a master overseeing us

What are you attracted to in a fetish man?

The attraction is in the eyes. I'm a switch – it depends on the personality of the other guy.
If I'm in a scene with a Dom he can command me with just a stare and take control of the power dynamic – I'm instantly in sub headspace. On the other hand, a pleading look from a sub when he's yearning for touch is also very attractive!

Ultimately, whichever side the man is on the spectrum, I hope that he's just as piggy as me, and appreciates pit/crack/balls/latex smells as well!

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