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11 June 2018

We speak to Recon member Deividct about his love for latex and leather, the Colombian fetish scene and what inspires him to make his own gear and create his own signature fetish looks.

When did you first get a taste for fetish?

I first got into kink when I was 18 and dating a man who introduced me officially to the world of fetish, but I had always been curious. Fetish to me means seeing beyond conventional sex and finding yourself, the things you like and having fun with it. Lots and lots of fun.

What are you attracted to when it comes to fetish and fetish men?

What attracts me to other fetish guys is open mindedness. I have lots of fetishes, but most of them are inclined towards gear. I love latex and leather. The first gear I bought was a leather shirt and pants, with some short latex gloves. I'm a fashion designer and used my background to start designing my own gear about 3 years ago. It was quite hard to find the type of gear I wanted in Colombia, which was one of the reasons I started making rubber and leather gear to my own taste and style. I can easily buy leather material here in Colombia, but I have to buy rubber online and have it shipped over.

What inspires you when it comes to making gear and creating your fetish aesthetic?

My inspiration for making gear comes from everywhere – movies, books, video games. I like to create the aesthetic of a sexy freaky demon and play around with different elements, such as horns and contact lenses to create a look that is in keeping with my designs and my gear. I have some body modifications – a few piercings and tattoos. My tongue split attracts the most attention from other people – everyone wants to know what it feels like when kissing, licking and rimming. I just let them know two tongues are better than one haha.

I like to play with other unconventional gear such as corsets, heels and large boots – most people relate the word corset and heels to the idea of female use, but if you look back in history these have been used by men for hundreds of years. Personally, I like to use them for the extreme aesthetics they create. I use an 18" corset and 10" heels to give me security and manipulate my proportions and stature, making me feel powerful and sexy. The first time I tried a corset was 3 years ago, I now own 12 of them.

What gear do you enjoy making the most?

I wouldn't say I have a favourite item of gear I enjoy making the most; I like to experiment and try new things and enjoy the process of creating things from scratch. I like making harnesses and underwear. With harnesses you have so many different elements you can work with when it comes to design and making – whether it's the material you use, the colour, or how it fits your body. The time it takes to make a piece of gear depends; I generally spend a day making a piece, however if I feel like I have nothing to wear, I can put something together in about 2 hours.

How are you looking to build and develop your work?

I love working with latex and leather and infusing fetish elements into everyday wear. I'm hoping in the future to expand my little company and start selling worldwide, but I'm doing this step by step. I would like to learn more about inflatable latex and vacuum bed garments – I'm very curious about the process of making it and want to experience the feeling of it on my body.

How do you show your fetish?

Social media is a great platform to showcase my love of fetish, and the gear I make. I love my body, and the way I look, and for me fetish is a really important part of my identity. It feels incredible to have different media outlets to show my work and creativity, not only in a sexual context but also in an artistic and fashion focused way.

You are based in Bogota, what is the fetish scene like there?

The Colombian Fetish scene isn't huge, there are a few places that you can go to wear gear and meet other guys. I've met a lot of other fetishists and made friends through my work; lots of people have asked me to make them outfits and have commissioned me to make them bespoke gear – it always makes me happy to see someone really enjoying and wearing one of my creations. Guys here are more into leather than rubber, as its more accessible, but the fetish scene in Colombia is changing – it's already very different to how it was a few years ago and it is getting bigger. There are more places and events that cater to kinksters – we even have a fetish week in Bogota.

Do you travel to other fetish events outside Colombia?

I haven't had many opportunities to travel to other fetish weeks and events, I am however planning a trip to Europe later in the year – I can hopefully attend Folsom Europe in September and maybe do a little fetish tour around Europe.

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