MEMBER INTERVIEW:  JamesLeatherlad

from Recon News

27 April 2017

We get to know member JamesLeatherlad, the title holder of Mr Leather UK 2017. Here's what he had to say.

What are your fetishes?

Predominantly my fetishes have been leather and smoke but as I get older I'm learning to keep an open mind and start to explore other fetishes.

What are your favourite types of play?

Anything that involves my Fetishes! For the right guy I could do vanilla lol and if it needs to be answered, I'm a top!

What do you go for in a guy?

Surprisingly I'm an old romantic at heart so a nice smile will always get someone to my heart and whilst I'm single that same killer smile will always get a hot guy into my bed.

Ultimately, I'm attracted to hairy bald bearded leather gar bears who are around my age or older than me.

What was the experience like taking part in Mr Leather UK 2017?

There's three distinct experiences in taking part: Before, During and After!

Up until the competition I was in two minds whether to take part. I'd developed a nerve problem in my leg where it would give way and I was panicking that It would give way on the stage. There's also a bit of self-doubt, because I'm quite proud to not conform to the usual look of what is perceived as a leather man.

During the competition, you're on a high and just go with it. I'm not muscly so it's quite empowering standing on stage in a harness and a jock strap with a slight beer gut! Of course, telling the hundreds of Leathermen in front of you what you're going to do in your title year is quite daunting – I'm hoping I don't disappoint anyone in my title year.

So far, the after has been great. I've got to do things and go places I wouldn't have done before. I'm naturally shy (no one ever believes me) so I've been taken out of my comfort zone which can only be a good thing! The first lesson I've learnt is that you're not going to be everyone's favorite and that's fine – every Mr Leather UK so far has been very different and will appeal to different people

How did it feel to win?

I was very surprised to win. When it sunk in I started to panic as following Joe King in the title meant I had big boots to fill. It soon occurred to me though that it's not necessarily the size of the boots that matter! I've learnt it's the direction that you want to take them that matters.

What are you looking forward to during your year as title holder?

Raising the profile of the leather community outside of the cities. Leather exists beyond London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. I've launched leather socials in Reading and hope that might encourage others to do the same across the UK. I may be hosting at a few smaller pride events too which will help raise the profile of the leather community. I'm a big advocate of pride and I attended 14 last year - this year I want to attend and do a little hosting at as many as I can! I also want to raise as much money as I can for the Albert Kennedy trust and GMFA – my chosen charities for the year. And of course, I'm looking forward to representing the UK at this year's IML!

Describe the best encounter you had through Recon

I never kiss and tell! That's for recon members to find out in person!

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