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24 March 2017

Recon: Hi NickDawson
How did you discover you had a kinky side?

ND: It's been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I've always been attracted to masculine guys in a leather jacket and boots, but only later did I discover it was an actual fetish of mine. In the beginning I had never heard of the terms kink or fetish…. I am pre-internet lol. Information was not as easily accessible as it is nowadays. I discovered, I needed sexy gear to get off. Only at the age of 21 did I dare to start using the terms fetish and kink myself, and was starting to come to terms with my kinky side.

R: How have your fetish tastes progressed over the years?

ND: Well quite a lot, and I am sure many of your members have gone through a similar transition. It started off just as a fetish for leather and masculine clothing. Only when I started to go out and saw (I wouldn't dare to engage in any kind of play) the kinky way of having sex, involving bdsm etc. I got curious. Subsequently I did my research online (internet was up and coming) and found it hugely interesting. The seed was planted and as I continued to discover my kink side more and more by going to sleazy bars in Amsterdam. I realised this was what I needed to get off. I clearly remember the first time I was working over a guy at the Argos in Amsterdam with my flogger. It was an amazing experience and I knew this was the route I must take to explore my sexuality.

R: How long have you been using Recon, and what do you use it for?

ND: I started using Recon when it was still I was very young and got into a relationship in which kink and fetish had no place. I kept my profile and continued exploring my kink side online. I simply had to find out (within the boundaries of a monogamous relationship) how important leather and kink were to me. At first I used general leather pics that I had found online and pretended to be someone else!?! Yes, I was one of those….. I was simply too scared to show myself publicly and come out as a leatherman at that time. When I got my first (fake) leather jacket, leather gloves and a pair of harness biker boots that all changed rather quickly. I made some revealing pics of me in my first gear with an unlit cigar and chatting became a lot easier. I met guys in similar situations and got off seeing sexy men in leather until my (now) ex-boyfriend found out about my profile. I had forgotten to delete the history on his laptop and got confronted with it. Rightfully so, he was not amused seeing me online like that. I deleted the profile and didn't act on my leather instinct for a couple of years, until I started to miss things in our relationship and created a new profile again in 2004. I just had to find out how much I needed it in my relationship and if it was worth giving up my 6 year relationship for. 5 more years passed in which I started to secretly meet up with guys and did my first fetish photoshoot with Matt Spike in London. This was the actual start of me acting on my leather instinct and coming out as a proud leather guy.

R: What is it about leather that appeals to you so much?

ND: I just love the smell of it. It has such an amazing smell that I get intoxicated when I smell it. It goes straight to my head (and dick). Combine this with cigar/cigarette smoke and I am in leather heaven. I am only a social smoker but when geared up it just gets me going, if you know what I mean. Of course, the look, the feel and let's not forget the sound is a big turn on too.

R: Could you describe for us what your 'LthrInstinct' is?

ND: It's a name given to me by a very respectable Sir and someone I admire a lot. When we met for the first time he described me as being a natural, and he noticed I acted on my instincts when it came to how I interacted with leathermen. It's so true - I never really had a mentor or a Sir who looked after me when I was exploring my kink side - I did it on my own and followed my instincts. Instinctive behaviour comes from within, and it's not something that one has learnt from other people. Even until today, this is how I approach my kinks. I trust on my leather Instinct and it has never let me down.

R: You held the title of Mr XXX Leather last year. What made you decide to enter the contest, and what did the contest entail?

ND: I've always said I am not the kind of guy for a competition like this. I'd rather work behind the scenes. I'd been an active member of the Dutch Leather community for some years at that point. We set up C.A.L.M. (Club of Amsterdam LeatherMen) and I had been quite active in fetish photoshoots. That was more than enough limelight for me. Until the guys at XXXLeather asked me to enter the competition. Previously I had declined requests for Mr. Leather Amsterdam, but the XXXLeather team had become my friends by then. I can be easily persuaded by the right people so I entered. In addition, they wanted XXXLeather to get more internationally recognised. For which I had a great network that I could use to achieve this during my title year.

Little did I know, what I was getting myself into. We had to do three rounds, an on-stage interview, a performance/act and a speech. It was nerve-wracking but an amazing experience. With the support of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for my "Sister act", I managed to win the title.

R: What did you do during your time as the title holder? Did you travel to many leather/fetish events?

ND: I've travelled within Europe a great deal. From smaller events, such as UK Leather Pride in Bristol to Folsom in Berlin. It's all been amazing. I've been abroad 35 weekends in one year in total. This is on top of a full-time job as a college teacher. Quite a challenge sometimes, let me tell you;)

My main goal was to promote XXXLeather as much as I could. A lot of it is being visible and present at events. That's exactly what I did. Apart from this I've been actively involved in the PrEP campaign and AIDS foundation Netherlands, plus done crazy things such as being in a lib dub with 60 drag queens for charity and hosting slave auctions, to name a few.

R: On the subject of travelling, do you take your fetish to other cities? If so, where are your favourites?

ND: I rarely travel without gear. I've travelled in Asia without it for month and not having access to my gear, would be such torture. One of the first things I'd do when I got home was wear it and…. Well you know…. Nowadays I won't travel without a pair of boots, leather jeans, a leather vest, gloves and a muir cap. Cities that I like to visit fetish wise would have to be Berlin, because many bars still have the option of smoking indoors. Apart from this I love London (used to live there). UK men have a special place in my heart.

R: Aside from leather, what other types of gear are you into, if any?

ND: At first it was only leather that attracted me but as the years go by, I've started to call myself more of a gearhead. It really depends on my mood as to what I am wearing, although Leather will always be my primary kink/fetish. I have sports gear (scally look) Adidas Chile and white socks in Nike Air Max get me off big time too. Add a pair of leather gloves and I…….. I am sure you get the point…! I also have a couple of rubber and skin outfits for different kind of play and mood.

R: If you had to pick just one, what would you say was your favourite piece of gear?

ND: I hate this question, because I get asked all the time and just can't pick just one ha ha. I guess it would have to be leather gloves. Simply because they smell great, they are easy to carry around and you can always have them with you. I do think every guy should have a sexy pair of leather gloves and a leather jacket and……. Haha

R: What types of play do you enjoy, and why?

ND: Nowadays I am mostly into intense bdsm sessions. I like the deeper connection and chemistry between a sub and a Sir. The power exchange and intensity is what gets me off the most. I am very sensitive to location and setting. A regular bed or living room doesn't really work for me. I also like cruising a lot, a game of "catch me if you can" can be very exciting.

R: What do you go for in fetish men?

ND: Do you mean what kind of guy I am attracted to? Well usually I go for guys with facial hear and a cheeky sometimes geeky appearance. I am a sucker for cuteness. I am a flirt and enjoy a guy who knows the art of it too. I like to be teased, but make no mistake, I'll always end on top ha ha…
Apart from this I am a very romantic guy. I love geared up nights on the sofa having a nice drink and watching a film together. It's rare to find in our community, but who knows one day. (has this just turned into a dating advertisement all of a sudden?)

R: What do you expect from a guy when the two of you meet?

ND: Personality! Be yourself and don't pretend to be someone you're not. Be genuine, that's very attractive in a guy and don't take yourself too seriously. Relax and enjoy moment of two nice guys being together and whatever happens, happens…. Go with the flow.

R: And finally, do you have anything you'd like to share with/say to our members

ND: Use this amazing platform to explore your sexuality and meet likeminded guys. Enjoy the journey, that so many of us do not get to experience. Trust your instinct, be sane and safe, but enjoy every minute of it! Remember to be proud of who you are and that there's a market for everyone. Don't be afraid to show yourself and have your voice heard. Be the best version of you, that you can be!
Lthr hugs ND

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