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21 August 2018

We ask a young pup on the Massachusetts' scene – Recon member PupHunterWelch - about his fetishes and relationship with his Alpha dog. Here's what he had to say:

When did you first get an interest in fetish?

Fetish is something that I had always wanted to experience but was too scared to try. I had come home from the army after completing basic training and in my head, I was tired of being held back by myself, I was ready to get out and experience life. I downloaded Recon and started my adventure.

What attracted you to fetish?

The idea of being controlled and submissive to a man attracted me – in my everyday life I tend to lead more than I follow, and people often look to me as a powerful person. Being able to submit to someone stronger means that I don't need to stress, I can let go and be able to relax. Rubber was an additional sensation thing, feeling rubber gloves on my hands was amazing the first time I tried it, then the look and aesthetics of rubber is what drew me more to it.

What does fetish mean to you?

Fetish is something I use as my outlet, it is my escape from real life – I feel most confident when I am standing in my gear. It allows me to openly express myself, not conform to who society wants me to be. I get to reject these norms, and freely rubber up and pup out.

What was your first fetish experience through Recon?

I met two great puppies who gave me my first experiences in bondage, they threw me in rubber, tied me up and played with me for what felt like hours - I got instantly into the pup headspace with their help and guidance, they wanted to help me as a new pup and a new kinkster. After the first experience of giving up control, I wanted more. I had tried a forbidden fruit and I longed for more. Shortly after this, I met Ranger – Mr. New England Rubber 2017. Meeting him marked a huge change in my life. We had a lot in common with our fetish tastes, the biggest being rubber and pup play. Shortly after meeting him, he claimed me and helped me develop my pup persona, Hunter - Hunter Welch to be exact.

What is your favourite piece of gear?

Probably my black catsuit with a blue stripe, as the look and the feel are very much MY aesthetic, either that or the spiked collar that Ranger gave to me for Christmas – I always feel 1000 times more confident when I wear it. It puts me right into my sub space too.

How does it make you feel, being owned?

When Ranger collared me, a lot in me changed – I felt I was actively working towards something and wasn't just blindly doing things trying to find a purpose. Fetish had helped me learn a lot about myself, my longing to feel free. Through gear, playing, and meeting other kinksters, I was freeing myself from the bindings of my mind. I had social anxiety for a good portion of my life, unable to talk to people, unable to open-up. By having Ranger there to guide me, it helped me slowly get over the fears that had held me back. Through my collaring to Ranger, we had found much more than just a fetish Dom/sub role, we developed our relationship and became a couple.

Every time he ties me up or I force him into his pup mode, we grow closer. That closeness is what keeps us together. Through fetish, neither of us is afraid to be our true selves and we have built a greater trust with one another because of that. He chooses to be the strong Alpha and guide me through life, I choose to be his Beta, to listen and follow his guidance. Our relationship thrives on us both needing each other, both of us wanting each other implicitly. Even when it's my time to leave for service again, I know he will be there for me when I return.

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