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10 September 2018

Member Rammuu is a young guy who's fairly new to fetish and who's exploring his tastes. We chat with him about what he's discovered so far:

What's your 'go to' item of gear?

The item of gear I like the most is my rubber catsuit. It can really give the feeling of a second skin, like transforming into someone else.

How long have you had it, and where did you get it from?

My rubber is from Regulation London. I find it important to buy something that is good quality. I bought my first suit one and a half year ago. I never wore one before, but I knew I liked it.

Have you had many adventures in your suit? Can you give details?

Well I just started in the fetish scene about a year ago, so I've had some nice dates - being strapped on a bondage table in my own suit was really nice. I like to meet guys who are into rubber themselves and we spend an evening teasing each other.

One day I went to the supermarket with my rubber suit on. I wore a sweater on top of it, as I'm not really the one for showing off. For me, gear is best being worn inside.

What got you into fetish?

At first it was the porn. Innocent things with handcuffs or undies, that kind of things. I also always had a fascination for any tight clothing, and I really wanted to try anything. I still think rubber is the best fetish gear you can get.

What's currently high up on your 'to do' list?

I'm really into mummification and sensory deprivation, so those are things I really want to experiment with a little more. I also bought a Holy Trainer chastity device recently and I want to try to keep it on longer before giving the key to someone else. I'd also like to try locking someone else in it. I have some catheters, which I'd really like to put to good use one day. Maybe in combination with chastity or a diaper.

Do you have any hard limits?

It's important for me that playing and experimenting with each other is something that we both can enjoy. I'm not really either Dominant or submissive, and I like playmates to be open minded and willing to think about new experiments. For me, my limits would be that I'm not really into piss, scat or pain, and I don't like to take the specific role of a very submissive or Dominant person.

What do you look for in a fetish guy?

Fetish for me is a hobby, so the guys with who I like to meet and play with should be like friends. That means that I like to socialise as well before or after play, to get to know preferences of each other, but also talk about daily life.

Do you have a fetish fantasy?

My fetish fantasy is a big playroom with all kinds of equipment and gear to try out. I'd love to do that. Maybe a fetish hotel where you can book a few nights to take your time to really try new things which otherwise are too expensive or hard to get. For example, I'd love to get a plaster cast someday, or walking around all day in different rubber outfits. It's something that I really have to make time for.

Have you tried stealth rubber days? (wearing rubber under your everyday clothes)

I'd love to try that, but I need the right gear to do so, I think. That would mean I have to get myself a shorter rubber outfit. That's also next on my fetish wish list.

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