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27 June 2018

We ask San Diego, California based custom Moto Gear designer – Recon member RyderGear - a few questions about his love of moto gear and puppy play. Here's what he had to say:

When did you first get a taste for fetish and kink?

My first taste of fetish was when I was in the military. It started with uniforms and tight sports gear (American football), and once I got my first motorcycle (Ducati Monster) I quickly realized my favourite kink was full motorcycle gear. Gear. Stays. On!

What does fetish mean to you?

To me fetish is an expression of my animal desires. Giving in and exploring my fetish means getting in touch with my core self. I think of it as the ultimate way to accept yourself for who you are and sharing that with likeminded kinksters. Fetish for me is built on mutual trust and respect.

Tell us about your fetish tastes?

First and foremost, my fetish is GEAR. Almost any gear counts, but specifically Moto Gear. Second for me is sports gear – American football, soccer, cycling, wrestling, Lycra, jocks, spandex, and under armour. If it's tight and used for sports, I like it. Next, I have always enjoyed roleplay so when I discovered puppy play I was hooked – Ryder Gear was created with an intense connection to Moto Gear and pup play.

How long have you identified as a pup and how did you get into it?

I have only been a Pup since February 2017. I had a secret desire to try pup gear, I just hadn't done it. A good friend offered to let me borrow his hood for a night – I was instantly hooked and had to explore more. Within a week, I had had my first hood from Mr. S. I'll never forget the feeling when I was awarded my first collar. I use pup play to be creative, kinky, and most of all for fun. Within the pup community I don't identify as either ALPHA Dog or BETA Pup as I have strong characteristics of both and it depends highly on who I am with.

What's your favourite piece of gear?

I've had many over the years, but my current favourite is my Ryder Gear Military Camo suit, boots, gloves, and hood. I go riding, out to bars, clubs and events wearing my full kit. It has a cock zip and an ass zip (perfect for my tail) and has moulded to my body like a second skin. Just the smell of my gear as I put it on makes me hard. In my kit, I can go right into Ryder headspace. If you catch me out and about in this suit, beware, pup is on the prowl. Wruff!

What made you want to start Ryder Gear?

I got fed up with the prices that big name brands charge for custom moto gear and the judgement I received when I asked for "alternative" zipper locations. I reached out to friends from my amateur racing days with my ideas. We collaborated, I learned leather craft, and we have an ongoing partnership to build top quality gear made by skilled artisans. We tan the leather, we source only CE approved inserts, and the carbon fibre and titanium come from qualified suppliers. We make amazing custom gear, by hand, to order, and without the brand name price tag or a mass production factory. I get requests from all over the world, but I will let the words of a customer in San Francisco speak for me: "The quality and craftsmanship that went into my suit are one of a kind and I look forward to the coming years using my suit on every ride."

Ryder Gear suits are for both riding and fetish play?

Absolutely. Ryder Gear Suits, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Boots, and Gloves are all ready for the street and the track. For those that want to use them for kink they will hold up to punishment and for those that want some extra fun I can build in a double ended rear zipper for ass play. Suits with ass zipper are still safe for street and track riding. Ryder Gear hoods, custom harnesses, and other custom gear are safe for the darkroom, but not recommended for moto riding.

Can I have custom insignia and colours for my order?

Absolutely – send me your logo or a design concept and we can turn it into a custom moto suit. We also do group discounts for motor or pup clubs. The colours and patterns listed on the website went through 6 months of prototyping to get them right. New colours and patterns are requested all the time and we have a process in place to match your desires exactly. Ryder Gear controls the supply chain of leather from the cow so we may need some time, but we will get you the colour or pattern you want.

Have you had any unusual order requests?

My favourite so far is a full kit of a leather clad superhero, but primarily we make and sell street/track ready Leather Motorcycle Riding Suits, Jackets, Pants, Vests, Boots, and Gloves. However, if it's made from leather we can make it. I have had requests for custom Pup Gear, and I have been working on a line of Pup Hoods & Harnesses that you can order by request. The thing I love most about the fetish community is the creativity of dirty minds. I really enjoy bringing peoples deep gear desires to life and get an enormous high when I see gear I've made out and about or on social media.

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