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21 May 2018

We ask leather and chastity enthusiast – Recon member SteelCollar - a few questions about his fetish tastes. Here's what he had to say:

When did you first get a taste for fetish and kink?

My interest in fetish and kink started already in my early youth; I admired the guys in TV shows dressed in leather jackets or trousers, I loved dungeon scenes in movies and when I played around as a child/young guy I always involved some play with prisoners, rope or bondage in general. I am very much into all sorts of leather, happy to be in rubber from head to toe, be forced into the dirt in a combat uniform and I love being locked into heavy steel bondage gear.

What are you attracted to in a fetish man?

I am attracted to guys who wear their fetish with a natural attitude. So, not hiding it in public or covering it up; the gear doesn't need to be expensive, but it should be worn in an appropriate way and not as a 'costume for a night'. I love self-confident guys who live their fetish with pride and of course I like guys with a dominant behaviour and an evil smile.

How do you like to play?

I love to have my fetish desires and play as part of my daily life. So, no special set ups needed. Just having a guy next to me, some commands and a bit of forcing me to follow them to start the fun. Me kneeling in adoration of the superior! If anyone is in search of an obedient slave, here I am!

What's your favourite piece of gear and why?

If I must choose one (or two) to wear right now, I would take my heavy leather straight jacket and a thick leather hood. It gives me the perfect head space to feel the devotion to the man who puts me into it, and there is no chance to take it off by myself!

What's your favourite piece of equipment?

I love my bondage sacks in thick leather and heavy rubber as much as the full body bondage harness. But the most worn piece is without doubt my steel collar, which is worn nearly all the time and marks me clearly as a slave.

You wear chastity as a standard piece of kit too, how did you get into that?

I used to wank a few times a day when horny; looking at fetish pics online, reading stories or thinking of a hot man next to me. The idea of making that impossible, by getting locked into one of those evil little devices, was a great idea to explore as soon as possible. Chastity is a very serious form of power exchange. Giving up the decision to wank, have sex, get horny, to cum... so for me, chastity devices were perfect to use and use with bondage at the same time whilst being devoted to a Master, or even if he is not around. Slavery can be managed very easily by those little things!

What's the fetish scene like in Berlin?

It's the best place to live for a fetish guy in Europe. I saw the rise and decline of Amsterdam as fetish capital and I hope, the Berlin fetish guys will keep the spirit and freedom alive here. I admire the vibrant scenes in Antwerp and Manchester, where some enthusiastic groups founded new events and made them great and always worth a visit. The Berlin groups just can watch and learn how to organise that, without being jealous or killing each other for details. But after all, I love Berlin and I am very happy to live here.

How has the scene there changed in the time you've been a part of it?

I 've been part of the scene for 30 years now. After accepting myself as a pervert (which was quite quick) I tried to find likeminded guys, and the fetish scene around the world gave me that self-confidence. After the big loss which happened to the scene because of AIDS, new generations of kinky guys grew up without the same fears and grew into the scene. Online sites like Recon made it so easy for young guys to be part of it. The variety of fetish was growing; after the 'skin wave' of the 90's, 'rubber' became the next big thing after 2000, now there's a big hype for 'pups'. This helps to settle the scene, bringing new ideas and different interests together. Please remember: we are all perverts for 'outsiders' and we have to show them, that there is nothing bad about it!

Do you like to travel with your fetish? What are some of your favourite fetish destinations and why?

I travel a lot, I spend nearly all my spare time travelling around Europe and the world. Travelling for fun, to explore the world and/or to other fetish events. I always wear my leather trousers or other fetish related gear in public. Sitting in a desert city in 30 degrees heat with leather bike pants and sneakers, having dinner in an expensive restaurant and wearing rubber underneath, buying food in a supermarket whilst wearing the steel collar. Imagine, a guy with 2 big suitcases packed to bursting with leather, rubber and steel, plus hand luggage, already wearing leather jeans and boots; getting special security treatment after announcing he's already locked into a big chastity device.

There are many places around the world which are worth a visit: Dore Alley in the US (beside IML and MAL), Fetish Week London, Antwerp Leather Pride, the Manchester events and of course Berlin (which does not mean travelling for myself).

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