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28 May 2018

We have a brief chat with Superfrocio, the winner of Mister Superhero Fetish 2018

Hi Superfrocio. Congratulations on your win!
How does it feel to have won Mister Superhero Fetish 2018?

Hey Recon. Well thank you very much. It feels like when you fly. Yes, heroes fly sometimes.

How was the experience of competing in the competition?

It was amazing. Leatherpride at Antwerp is such an amazing scene, and the show of superheroes competing in each of the two stages at the Darklands was great. The superhero fetish stand was so full of people and supporters and my fellow contestants. OMG such a unique group

How did you first get a taste for superhero fetish?

Well comics for sure, and because I am a millennial (born 1985), tv series took a huge part in building my horny interest in superheroes and heroes-related fetish.

What is it you find horny about superhero play?

C'mon! Ever wonder about the naked body of a hero? Sure you did. We all do, no matter what. Heroes are the definition of hot strong personas, no matter which body type you are attracted to you will always find a hero you would love to kiki with. Personally, the idea of being a hero is linked to Dom/sub play and the creative use of regular fetish material such as leather, boots, rubber and Lycra etc

Do you prefer to play with guys who have heroic or villainous identities?

I am what we call in the community a real-life hero and as Superfrocio (the name of my hero persona means Superfaggot in Italian) is basically a good and heroic character, but when I want to join the dark side I can switch to the evil side and play as TheNemesis.

What is it you love about spandex?

It's so tight. The tactile sensation. I remember hot guys hugging me from the moment I wear it. And it gives me the chance to show off my body… especially down below

Do you have any other fetishes/kinks?

I am into leather and rubber. I love role playing. I am into Domination and submission, and please BONDAGE, BONDAGE, BONDAGE

And finally, who's the hottest superhero?

Well till February 2019 it's me, Superfrocio, then we will see…

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