MEMBER INTERVIEW: We chat with fetish blogger mrKristofer

MEMBER INTERVIEW: We chat with fetish blogger mrKristofer

from Recon News

12 December 2016

Recon: Hi mrKristofer
Tell us a bit about yourself and your fetish journey.

MrKristofer: Well I started exploring my kinky fantasies when I was 20 and still in college. The only window I had into the kink community at that time was a little rag called DRUMMER MAGAZINE. I found a porn company named ZEUS advertising in it and they paid me to tie me up in bondage on camera. Truthfully I would have done it for free I was so horny. Through that contact I got my first Leather Daddy named Mikal Bales and met all of the heavy players at the time I had been reading about in DRUMMER. They all sort of took me under their wing and started teaching me the skills and protocols I still follow today.

R: How did you end getting into directing and working with some of the biggest leather porn studios?

MrK: I had just left managing the RoB of Amsterdam store in San Francisco and had started my own BDSM VHS distribution company called MASTA Entertainment. I started shooting my own BDSM porns in my garage for that company. I kind of taught myself and it was a lot of trial by error. I was then hired by a company named Brush Creek Media to shoot Bear videos for BEAR MAGAZINE in 1996. That's where I really honed my directing skills. That lead to directing for Falcon Studios for 3 years and then COLT/BoundJocks for 10 years. Now I direct for

R: You've shared your exploits in different capacities for years. What led you to creating your blog?

MrK: Well I've always been sort of a public figure but only behind the scenes as a director or producer. The scenes I was doing in my personal life were so enjoyable but not being documented. So I decided to put it out there for free so people could see another version of how to engage in BDSM sex. Not just the overly produced and hard core unrealistic dungeon stuff big studios were putting out for fantasy. Tumblr provided this free platform to do that – so I thought why not just put my private sex life out there? I wanted to show that you could still get kinky, piggy and depraved while having a normal/healthy life at the same time.

R: What kind of content can the guys that follow you expect to find?

MrK: Well I'm a true 50/50 switch. I'm top for a pup, a boy and a pig…so I blog about those sessions with all three. And I'm a sub for two Sirs I call Coach and Sarge. They are very advanced players that take me to some pretty deep places in the playroom. I document all of these as well and share what my mental mind set is during each scene. I learn a lot of techniques from these two Tops that I then use on my subs (The subs really appreciate it when I get new tricks). Then I also post images, art and other people's scenes that I admire as well on my blog.

R: Where do your personal fetish tastes lie? What turns you on?

MrK: Nipple play is my favorite. But I also love impact play both giving and receiving. Bondage and rope play are my specialty. But every scene is different and I have to take into account what both players participating in the scene enjoy. Slave/Master; boy/SIR; Captive/Interrogator; Sensual Edging are all great scenes. I just love to explore new areas with willing participants….my newest fascination is pony play - which gay men aren't really engaged in for some reason.

R: Is there a specific type of fetish man that you go for more?

MrK: Well anyone dressed in leather gets me going. Dark hair and dark chest hair at any age is a huge turn on. I enjoy someone eager and open to exploring new things regardless of their skill level.

R: What is it about bondage that you enjoy so much?

MrK: CONTROL! When tied up you have no control over your movement and for some reason that is very comforting and relaxing to me. Also, restricting someone's movement makes me feel powerful and gives me a raging boner!

R: You seem to have your hands full with a pup, boy and pig, as well as being a grunt yourself. Do you have time for play with others? If so, what you looking for?

MrK: True, a lot of my free time is taken up with this extended family at the moment, but I'm always open to new players either local or visiting. Recon is hands down the best place for me to set that up. My boy BIT found me on Recon a year ago and arranged a play date with me. I guess that because three of them are long distance relationships, I would be looking for a more local top to play with at the moment. Quite happy with the pup and pig which are subs and both local to me right now.

R: And finally, and kinky adventures you've had through Recon you'd like to share with our members

MrK: Almost all my great sessions with really good players have been set up through RECON. I already posted the one about the boy's first visit through RECON, a great RECON session with BondageSirSteven and my all time favorite with ExtremeBNDGnyc. [read using links below]