MEMBER OPINION: Cash Slavery – Genuine Fetish or Cynical Exploitation?

MEMBER OPINION: Cash Slavery – Genuine Fetish or Cynical Exploitation?

from Recon News

03 February 2016

By urinallicker

Anyone who has been online in and around the Fetish/SM scene will have seen the increasing use of the $ sign in profile texts. Indeed some users are explicit in their demands for cash in return for attention or service opportunities – even though this is banned by reputable 'dating' sites and apps – including Recon.

Is this the emergence of a new fetish where submissives are craving the chance to hand over cash or just an expanding group of men who are willing to cynically exploit others for their own personal gain?

There is no doubt that there number of subs far exceeds the number of available Doms within the Fetish community. And so there will always be a considerable number of men who are actively seeking to serve others who are going to be inundated with requests for meets and use.

It is easy to see the attraction of setting yourself up as a Cash Master. There is a significant pool of people who are so anxious to serve a Dominant that they can be manipulated into paying for that opportunity even if, as all too often happens, these Cash Masters often offer nothing in return for the "tribute" they receive.

So what does the other party get out of the transaction?

There are certainly those who are happy to hand over money in this sort of situation. But I suspect that they are few and far between. How many of us have the spare cash to hand over regular payments?

Handing over cash or generous gifts in return for a meeting or online service could be attractive if that is the only way you get to act out your desires. But you run the risk of being used by someone who never actually intends to meet or allow you to serve as anything other than a cash machine. And if you are going to spend your cash, don't you have a legitimate expectation of something other than the satisfaction of having pleased that man financially?

In terms of control, I can see the attraction of handing over your finances to your Master/Owner. It is part of an on-going relationship and follows on from a negotiation as to the nature of your commitment. I wouldn't do it myself – but I can see how it might work.

Even though they breach the T&Cs of many sites, I have seen far too many profiles from men who just want money. There are just as many profiles that don't mention money but who later demand cash once communication has been established. The eagerness to serve can all too easily be converted into a source of revenue. Cynical? I think so.

For the growth of Cash Slavery to have happened, it is clear that there are people who can be persuaded to pay. Perhaps they don't do so on a regular basis – but there are enough new people to be exploited at least once for the Cash Masters to continue their searches. And no matter how quickly these profiles are reported and taken down, new ones replace them in time. I am sure many Recon users have been pestered by such people.

It is not for me or anyone to judge others on their chosen fetishes. And certainly there are members of our community who get a thrill from being a cash slave. However I think there is an unacceptable growth in the number of people who seek to exploit others in our community for their own personal gain. And that is, to my mind, an unwelcome development and one that we should all work with to eliminate.

We don't permit any kind of monetary transactions on Recon, so if you encounter a Cash Master, please report them using the 'Report this member' option on their profile.
We are working on measures to combat spammers, and we will continue to remove them as quickly as possible once discovered.

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