from Recon News

01 March 2021

Kevin Clash is a London based afrofuturist, punk and kinkster who took part in the Gear Stays On kinky people of colour panel. In this piece Kevin further explains his opinion of the unity of fetish.


Throughout history we have made incredible contributions to the world.
Queers have been changing the world in every single sphere since we started walking upright. 90% of our achievements are deliberately hidden, but when we unite we are an incredible force with a wonderful influence on the planet, that's just how it is.


The fetish scene is a scene within a scene within a community and we can influence our scene much easier because it's more concentrated but that takes a degree of unity. Unity doesn't mean we have to have sex with every member of the community, despite the usual weekend behaviour *cough*, but that the contributions of the guy who you're not physically attracted to are an equally important, valued or valid contribution to the scene or humanity. A contribution that when combined with your own or with the guy who's physical attributes you find so sexy and attractive can be as wonderful as say cracking the Enigma Code in WW2 or inventing Disco and House in the 70s & 80s or… knowing we are unified as a community when the coming global depression really kicks in. Throughout history when times get really difficult the privileged majority attack and scapegoat the minority, we are viewed as the minority. Members of the fetish community (LGBTQIA+) are supposed to be smart enough to learn from history and from the current climate of behaviour. As a community we would be unforgivably shortsighted and stupid to not recognise that we have to evolve beyond the old, inaccurate, way of viewing people from other races and cultures.


"It's just a preference" works if you've deconstructed your preference or played/dated long term outside of your race otherwise it's learned supremacy lazily labeled as 'just a preference'. "I just want to be with a man I find attractive!" OK, well the adult world, in my opinion, requires a bit more work on oneself in order to make a telling contribution to your community or not mess it up.
This community is tainted with some dreadfully inaccurate views, verbal attacks and deliberately hurtful actions that seem to have some of it's origins in the pain that many gay/bi men (LGBTQIA+) feel - 'Hurt People, Hurt People' | 'Scared People Might Do Anything' yeah all of that is valid but we're supposed to know and do better as people who, for the most part, have grown up in the west with all the advantages and access to knowledge.
People in the west live as supremacists. From my point of view, the actions show this to be true. Caucasians have been taught from birth that they are supreme and that is reinforced by film, tv and mainstream media/entertainment but other races who are born or live in the west and endorse the behaviour exhibited in western society live and act as supremacists also. Actually it occurs in Asia, Africa, Caribbean, North and South America... it's worldwide!
Supremacist attitudes and behaviours regarding people are toxic.


Gay men and the wider LGBTQIA+ peoples have shaped this world in the most incredible ways, regardless of how that information is suppressed and distorted, we really can't allow inaccurate and prejudiced views to be the reason we don't physically or mentally survive the post 2020 world. The fetish community is smaller so we can make positive changes in ourselves to make positive changes on the rest of the wider community.
We are all we've got so it makes sense to get past the external physical coverings and see the advantage that comes with the diversity of our individual cultures and experiences to unite on a deeper level as a community.


I would say that.
Merely staying alive and being yourself is actually a political statement in western society.
Taking a little step to be your authentic self at the workplace social event is politics.

Sucking that guy's cock at one of the parties is politics….. really enjoyable politics but it's politics even when you say it isn't, in our society, the act demonstrates that it is. I'm not sure if our issues on the fetish/kink scene are written about in The Guardian or even attitude but they have to be highlighted or discussed somewhere and an article here doesn't stop you from pressing the cruise

button in 10mins time but it does give opportunity for us to gain a better perspective and make the fetish/kink scene much better for YOU.

Fetish is politics, fetish is freedom, freedom isn't simple and easy.
It takes broad and deep knowledge, if we share knowledge it must lead to more fun and freedom.

We cannot go into the 20's with really warped views of others that will pull the fetish scene down which will be an absolute tragedy after seeing the scene become so vibrant and fresh with lots of new people joining the community in recent years.
We've had a reset button forced upon us why not make the changes really positive ones.