from Recon News

07 May 2019

Describe yourself in one sentence

I'm a bearded, tattooed biker.

What are your fetishes?

Goodness, it's really hard to answer that as it really varies on who I'm with. I usually tell people that I'm flexible with most things but it's just easier to list the things I'm really not into which are scarred, extreme pain, and child play. That said, one I always enjoy and look for is watersports.

How did you get into fetish and kink?

Being in the leather kink community for over 20 years now it's kinda hard to remember how that actually happened. I would have to say it was a combination of hanging out at the Bikestop in Philadelphia and going to Hillside campgrounds in Northeast Pennsylvania. Getting involved with a lot of the local leather/biker clubs had a lot to do with it too.

What is it about leather and bikers that turns you on?

The look mostly. I've always been attracted to older, masculine men and the old school leather bikers with their beards and leather jackets always got a rouse in me. At first it was just the hairy bodies and facial hair, so naturally I went for the bear movement first, but after my first time at the Bikestop I realized the leather community had more of the men I found attractive, 'cause the leather just added so much more to the package.

I'm member of one of the oldest motorcycle only gay clubs in America. There aren't many left that still require having a motorcycle to join. My club just celebrated our 51st anniversary.

What do you go for in a guy?

Again, this is hard for me to describe 'cause it's really about the overall package of the guy. That said, most of my friends know there are a few things that definitely increase the odds of me finding a guy attractive. Facial hair and gray hair usually help a lot, but I have also found guys with neither completely attractive too, but those men are still over the age of 50, so… If you haven't figured out by now, I'm really into older men and always have been since I was young.

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

I've been on Recon a long time so it's kinda hard to pin point one particular encounter. However, one I remember was this gray bearded sub who was so into me he drove three states to be my sex slave for a whole weekend. Complete with cooking and cleaning. It was a hot weekend and the first time I actually fisted a guy. We still keep in touch, although he is more than 3 states away now so we haven't played in years.

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