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29 March 2019

What are your fetishes?

First of all rubber, I'm a hardcore rubberguy. But I also enjoy sports gear, skinhead, nylon/PVC, rubber/leather boots, uniforms, leather, BDSM/bondage and fisting. I'm always happy to discover and try new fetishes and kinks. I like to go all the way with every fetish I try out. And doing it in a Master and slave relationship is always the goal in some way.

How did you get into fetish and kink?

I've had it for as long as can remember. Since I was a child I've always explored fetish and kinkiness in many different ways. It started with the smallest and most simplest things to become more and more advanced as the years went on. I've always been open to expanding my fetish world and see what's the next step. When I was very young I fell in love with boys wearing rain clothes in heavy rubber.

What do you love about rubber?

Everything. Absolutely everything. How it looks, smells, feels and how it makes me feel. I cant't really tell what's so special about it, I just absolutely love it. For me its more than just a fetish. It's a part of my lifestyle, so to speak, because my relationship with it is so strong and has always been. It is such a big part of my life, because I'm working hard to bring it and other fetishes in to be more visible in the everyday life. I really, really think it deserves to be in the spotlight, so to say.

What's the Nordic fetish scene like?

If you compare the Nordic scene to the scene in say the UK, Germany or The Netherlands, it's more compact and smaller, but there's a scene and it is growing. People have become more confident in their fetish and are willing to display it in a more open way, I think. I think there are more fetish people in the Nordic area than you expect —you just need to find them. And going to the SLM bars in, for example, Stockholm or Copenhagen is a good way to start.

What do you go for in a guy?

You have to divide it into two categories. First what kind of personality the guy has. Second what fetish and kinks he's into. I look for a guy who is kind and confident in himself. Who knows what he wants and curious to explore new things. As a sub I look for a dominant man who can become a good Master.

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

I've made lots of friends. I've also been able to explore a lot of kinky stuff and playing with really nice guys. It's always nice to meet new guys and find out about their fetishes and to show mine. Through Recon I have had the chance to explore and push my boundaries and I'm happy to continue doing that. I once met a guy who turned me into a complete object and that was amazing.

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