from Recon News

07 February 2017

Username: Sleipnir
Age: 33
Primary Interest: Rubber
Location: Paris, France

What are your fetishes?

Well, rubber gets my primary interest. There is nothing better than body shapes enhanced by tight black rubber. When I wear it, I cannot hide what I am, I cannot pretend, I am true to myself, I have to show self-assertiveness, because it is like being naked, with nothing to protect you. I like to think that people are in line with this concept, that is why I focus on guys who appreciate and have the self-assurance to dress in a material that reveals their bodies.

In the end, even if I'm not into a whole range of fetishes, I am pretty open minded, as long as I find that what the guy wears makes him look masculine and virile.

What are your favourite types of play?

Bondage and domination are my favorite games, but my partner has to show some apprehension about these games, because I get my kicks out of the foreplay and the seduction prior to the sex phase, when I finally get the guy to completely surrender. That's a reason why I prefer to play with "newbies", to gain their trust and make them at ease with what will follow. In a sex game, there's nothing more boring than someone who actually turns into a gimp and is ready to accept everything.

If there is no cerebral aspect to the play, then there is no challenge as far as I am concerned.

What do you go for in a guy?

I like masculine guys, preferably bears or beefy guys older than I am. However, tall or short, bearish, muscly or beefy, I have to sense something that stimulates me intellectually. Generally speaking, I have to feel there's a brain as well in front of me. A guy's brain is what turns me on the most. Of course, I am not a pure spirit, so there has to be physical attraction too!

I also like a guy who's not afraid to get to know himself by trying new things, and express a lot of sensuality in bed.

Do you and your partner play with other guys together, solo or both?

When the timing and mood are right, definitely. We don't live in the same country, so most of the time, we play solo, but we organize 3 or 4somes when we have the possibility, generally with other couples like us (bear/chaser).
It's pretty interesting and exciting to get to see your partner interact on a sexual level with another guy.

Describe the best encounter you had through Recon

Tough question…

I can tell I met a few great guys on recon, amongst them Rubb81, who became one of my best friends through the years. There is also one guy I met that actually I never thought I would, almost 2 years ago. He lives in San Francisco, and he's a gentleman. For more than 10 years, we've been chatting on and off, and when we finally met, it was a great positive surprise (you know how one can fantasize while chatting online). He managed to make me drop my guard, in a gentle and caring way. Since then he has become a very close friend.