MEMBER: The Four Types of Electro Players

MEMBER: The Four Types of Electro Players

from Recon News

02 September 2020

By bounder

Electro is such a wide field that it should have something for everyone. However, many guys believe that electro isn't for them. Chances are they just haven't discovered yet the right type of electro play. In the following, I'll give you a run-down of the four major types of electro players. First, I'll lay out the three types of electro subs: The sensually spoiled bottom, the regular pain sub, and the hardcore electro masochist. Then we'll turn to the master of ceremony, the electro top.

The sensually spoiled bottom

A gentle caress, the stroking of your dick: Haptic pleasures are processed by our nerves through electric impulses, and electro play can tap right into this. The sensually spoiled bottom wants to cum through electro play and therefore gets spoiled with electro on a low to medium setting with electrodes (toys) focused on his dick and ass.

It's hard to resist the rhythmic waves of pleasure transmitted by loops or sticky pads attached to the dick or an electrified masturbation device; some electro boxes even have aptly named modes such as "stroke" or "orgasm." Electrified butt plugs are similarly irresistible, as are those anal electrodes specifically designed for stimulating the prostate. There are even electrified anal beads!

Other types of sensual play can explore gentle forms of teasing and pleasurable torment. A tool of choice is the violet wand on a low to medium setting. Its tip can tingle the dick, nipples and other sensitive parts of the body, while producing a stunning visual effect and a cosy crackle – just don't start with full power or the sub might think you're using a "violent" wand!

The regular pain sub

Dial up the power and pleasurable sensations become intense and ultimately painful. For the pain sub, a big draw of electro is that it can be built slowly, controlled precisely, and that initial pleasure turns gradually into pain. For the pain sub, besides the cock and ass, the balls are an interesting and delicate target. There are many fun and devious electro toys available for CBT!

Sticky pads are incredibly versatile – they can not only be attached to dick and balls (pro tip: once attached to the balls, wrap everything with self-adhesive bandages to prevent the pads from coming off again – if that happens and they cling only with a small surface to the skin, all the electricity flows through that small surface and the pain becomes quite spiky and unbearable!) but also to the buttocks, inner thighs, soles of the feet and other parts of the body that turn out to be surprisingly sensitive to electric current.

An interesting use of electro toys is Conditional Pain Modulation (CPM). The perceived severity of pain is lower if the mind registers another pain elsewhere; so if a sub is weary of caning, rather than feeding poppers, the perceived pain from the cane also can be dialled down by administering electro to another part of the sub's body. For myself this has done wonders!

The hardcore electro masochist

The hardcore masochist of course uses the electro boxes only in the highest power settings; rhythmic, pleasurable modes are replaced by sudden, randomized jolts. Cheaper entry level electro boxes may be hardly noticed by a seasoned electro masochist; therefore these subs and their masters splash out on the rather pricy top-end boxes (there even is a souped-up version of the famed ET312, namely the Blackstore edition rumoured to be another 30% stronger).

Alternatively, hardcore masochists can find much cheaper but even nastier toys outside of the sex store. One favourite toy is the hand crank of field telephones that generates powerful electric spikes. While a small nudge of the handle delivers just one jolt, turning it produces a series of jolts, and the faster one turns, the more the masochist is in agony. Beware – turned fast, the electro is so strong that wires attached to the genitals become hot and can cause burns. History buffs will notice the parallels to the atrocious Tucker Telephone torture device.

There are other hardcore toys such as cattle prods and stun guns but these toys are only for the few very hardcore masochists and not relevant for most folks.

The electro top

Some tops believe that administering electro is boring – but nothing could be further from the truth! Depending on the style and other interests of the top, electro can be used in very different ways.

Sometimes a top really wants to either totally focus on the sub or do something entirely else while administering pain. In such situations, automated programmes of electro boxes (such as an automated ramp-up that can be freely parameterized, e.g., to double in intensity over the course of 10 or 30 minutes) are a fabulous assistant. Some tops use it while caressing the sub or jerking off themselves; others use it to start the session and give the sub something to focus on while they are busy with attaching some complicated second toy to the sub, or if they want to leave the sub for a while in order to play with a second sub.

Tops into games and humiliation can really let their creativity run wild. Some electro boxes have a microphone that translates every sound the sub makes into a painful jolt. Set it up and then start tormenting your sub by some other mean, watching how the poor guy tries desperately to suppress his screams and moans. Or attach a motion sensor to the sub's wrist and see how long he can hold a barbell up in the air. Need a servant always on call? Wrap an electroshock collar around the sub's balls and use the remote to give instant feedback if the floor doesn't get wiped fast enough! My own sub/boyfriend is working on a sensor for liquid that will power bladder control games.

Finally, more interactive electro toys have made for the most intense sessions I ever had. One favourite: An electrified neuro pin wheel that can mischievously be guided across the sub's most delicate parts, watching him scream and squirm. Or use a crank attached to his balls to "motivate" him to do something really nice to you – or something really nasty to himself!

What type of player are you? I would be surprised if there wasn't something in electro for you as well!

If you're up for giving Electro a try, you can find kit for all experience levels on the ElectraStim site using the link below.

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