MEMBERS RESPOND: Socially Acceptable article

MEMBERS RESPOND: Socially Acceptable article

from Recon News

13 November 2017

Following our recent article 'Socially Acceptable' [linked at the bottom of the page], that talked about sharing fetish on social media, we received two responses from members with differing points of view. Here's what they had to say:

From subpighole

I find that either you're open and share or you're not. There are phases: pic but no genitals, then full nudes no face, then some say what the hell, the face is include. It is just a journey that I believe evolves.

I had a funny thing happen a couple years ago. After an Apple iCloud update, my settings changed and my grandkids had access to my xxx pic and video files. This lasted a couple hours before I was aware and had locked them back down.

The grandkids who got access were older, but never the less, it was strange for me, to say the least. Their parents were upset, way more than the kids, who had a few funny jabs with me and then had a so-what attitude.

As background, I was married right out of high school in the 70s and did not know who or what I was. So, my point, they now know a bit more about their granddads 'interests' and the sun continues to rise and for them and me, no big deal. For me it was liberating because it is what it is.

I do not force anything on anyone, but if they're looking and find them, then the real question is, what had 'they' been looking for? Whoever the collective 'they' may be. For example, one day when I finished a business call the gentlemen I was talking to mentioned he saw me last night. I said, "You did, how's that since we are 1000 miles apart". His response, "On X-Tube". I asked for more info to connect the dots. Turns out he also gets into fetish play significantly (I was not aware). He saw me being whipped and pissed on and written on by a very aggressive Dom I played with once, who apparently had videoed the session. That was the real surprise for me, but I decided WTF.

We have a lot of disruptive technology these days that will force change and that have changed future generations' attitudes. This new disruptive technology is breaking down barriers of yesteryear. The impact on me so far: negligible. You might not want to link your X-Tube videos or your RECON profile to your LinkedIn, but I have seen some who have. So, change is constant, societally and in each one of us at whatever speed we can digest.

From Darkwind

As a latecomer to the IT age (when I left school, electric typewriters were 'new technology' and mobile phones were still a novel plot idea on Star Trek) I think it's a wonderful platform for sharing ideas & making contact with people you may never otherwise meet. I do feel it slightly odd, however, how this sort of widespread sharing seems to have gotten so completely out of hand.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no wish to judge anybody for what they do or don't share, but I struggle to think of a single reason why I'd want to tell my elderly aunts or let my close family know what I get up to in the bedroom. Admittedly, the only social media site I actually use is Facebook, but I would no more put geared-up pictures on there than I'd send them to my bank manager or my boss.

I'm not ashamed of what I do or wear, but I see no reason to share it with my Facebook friends - which includes my (highly religious) boss and several relatives in their 80's. While they are all aware of, and are comfortable with, my sexuality I see absolutely no need to educate them about the kinds of things that I like to do with my playmates. I have few doubts that my boss or my relatives would treat me any differently if they knew about my fetish life, but why do they need to know? I don't want to know about their proclivities and it's not like I'm ever going to be considering them as potential contacts. Perhaps it's my age, but to me, it isn't really very different to walking down the street, wearing a sign saying "I like taking it up the arse". Whether I do or don't is none of anybody's business but my own - and the guy whose dick I'm accommodating, of course.

I fully appreciate that I may be something of a dinosaur in my viewpoint these days, but I feel no need to advertise that much of myself unless I'm actively looking for a playmate. If that's the case, Facebook is not where I'd be looking, so there seems to be little point. I can, of course, only relate my thoughts to the media I actually use.

Anyway, it's my two penn'orth, for what it's worth. I mean no offence to anybody: we're all adults and free to do exactly as we please. And long may that continue!

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