More tales of the city – part two of our chat with Featured Member Djskype

More tales of the city – part two of our chat with Featured Member Djskype

from Recon News

17 September 2015

In the second part of our interview with San Francisco resident Djskype we find out about his tastes in men, gear and play.

Recon: What do you go for in a guy? What gets you hardest?

Djskype: My tastes very greatly. It's all about chemistry with a guy. But I do have a think for beards. I don't know what it is but it certainly is a bonus and I usually instantly get hard rubbing my beard on yours. Beards and tattoos are very hot to me.

R: In the UK beards have been back in fashion for a while now. You can't move for hairy guys. Same with tattoos. Is it the same in the States? Is that a good thing or do you think it waters down the appeal if all guys have one?

D: I find a lot of guys here have them so maybe they are coming back in style here. Maybe I'm biased but I think it's a good thing. I love beards and can't have enough lol. A lot of guys here do have them but I think there are just as much without them so it's not so watered down here.

R: Do you have a favourite type of gear? What turns you on most to wear?

D: Favorite type of gear for me is either Leather or Sports gear. I love the smell and feel of the Leather rubbing up against you as your making out with a hot guy. It's very masculine to me and I get so turned on from it. And with sports gear is hot to see a sexy guy in a singlet or soccer gear etc... free balling and all sweaty from practice. Very hot.

R: What are your favourite pieces of gear? Why do you like them so much?

D: That's a toss up. I love my full leather uniform outfit and gearing up in it when I go out. And when I don't feel like getting fully geared up, I have a pair of leather carpenter shorts and a leather tank top shirt I got at Mr S I like to wear. It's a little bit of sporty and leather. It has easy access to my cock in the front with two zippers that open a flap and a butt zipper in the back so I'm ready for any occasion.

R: Do you only like guys who share your fetishes, or are you into guys who go for different types of gear?

D: Oh I like all kinds of guys and gear. Like I said before it's about chemistry for me. Just about any kind of gear is hot to me.

R: What are your kinks? What kind of filthy play do you go in for?

D: I love me some hot sweaty sex. Arm pits, rough, light impact play, Bondage, spit, cum, public play, groups, role play, light breath play, and wrestling. Not so much into pain, WS, or FF but if they enjoyed it I love doing it to them.

R: Do you have any favourite pieces of equipment? What's so good about it/them?

D: I love my Ball to Wrist restraints. It's hot to put a guy in it or be put in it while out at a bar in a jockstrap. It's hot knowing it's attached to the balls and you are restrained.

R: Have you any favourite fetish clubs/bars? What do you like about them?

D: I do in Europe! Here in San Francisco there are not many but I'd say Powerhouse. Powerhouse you can go out in gear and see other guys in it too and have a great time.

R: Do you get to travel much? Have you experienced fetish in other countries?

D: I love to travel and try to when I can. I've experienced it in a few countries. In London, Barcelona, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Berlin so far was the best for fetish.

R: How do these places compare to San Francisco?

D: San Francisco does not compare to them at all. They are on another level. Every weekend a lot of the bars won't let you in without gear on. They have one club on Friday that gets hundreds of men showing up and it's not on a Folsom weekend. This club has every kind of kink party you can think of throughout the month.

R: More importantly, how do the men compare?

D: I find the men to be hotter there. Maybe it's the thing about liking something more that you don't get often. It's so open there and there bars having back rooms and basements I find men are more fun in general. A hot German accent telling you what to do in German or one begging for your cock is always hot.

R: Are you visiting anywhere soon where our members might potentially be able to meet up with you?

D: I love Berlin and Amsterdam so those are two places I'll go again and I've yet to go to Australia so that's on my list too. Hit me up men if you live there and want to show me around and things I should see.

R: Have you anything you'd like to say to Recon's members?

D: Gear up and go out more. If your local gay bar is not gear oriented or does not have a gear night start one.

R: Yeah, sound advice!
Thanks for being our Featured Member Djskype. We'll be seeing you at Folsom!