National AIDS Trust launches their ‘Let’s End It’ campaign

National AIDS Trust launches their ‘Let’s End It’ campaign

from Recon News

25 September 2017

Recon's chosen charity, National AIDS Trust (NAT), have launched the 'Let's End It' campaign to coincide with the 30th anniversary of their foundation.

For the past 30 years NAT have been fighting HIV and AIDS and have brought about important changes. They changed the law to protect people living with HIV from discrimination. They've made it possible for everyone in the UK to have access to HIV treatment, wherever they are from. They have increased access to safe donated blood by ending the discriminatory lifetime ban on gay men. These are just a few of the incredible fights NAT have fought and won.

Now they want to end the fight.

The goals of the new campaign include:

• End the growth of the epidemic: we have the tools we need, now we must ensure the political will and investment to stop HIV in its tracks.
• End ignorance about HIV: we know how and what to teach people, now we need to ensure that every child in every school learns what they need to protect themselves.
• End stigma and discrimination: the laws are in place but now we must implement them and ensure we all have access to justice.
• End the link between HIV and poverty: we know having HIV means you are more likely to live in poverty, now we must tackle the causes of poverty.
• End seeing the virus not the person: we need to ensure that support is provided for all people with HIV to live full and happy lives.
• End the disproportionate impact of HIV on some communities: no one should be at increased risk of HIV because of where they are from or who they have sex with.

As NAT state, let's get this done together before another 30 years passes by.

For more information on the campaign, and how you can get involved, use the links to the NAT website below: