New fetish interest added to Recon

New fetish interest added to Recon

from Recon News

15 November 2017

When we surveyed our members asking which fetish interest categories they'd like to have added to Recon there were a few standouts, and this was one of the biggest. A lot of you asked for it, so we're happy to provide you with Recon's latest interest category: Underwear!

Whether it turns you on to wear it or be around guys who have it on, to smell a worn pair or have some bundled up in your mouth, underwear is one of the most easily accessible forms of fetish wear, and it's likely you'll have your own personal tastes in what makes it horny.

Whether you like your underwear tight and white, dirty, Mormon, assless or any number of other styles or states, this could be a fetish category for you.

To add Underwear as an interest category, go to 'Edit Interests' on the site and apps