Not long now till MIR19 and Full Fetish Chicago

Not long now till MIR19 and Full Fetish Chicago

from Recon News

29 October 2015

This Friday 6 November Recon returns to Chicago for our Full Fetish party at the Jackhammer and MIR19. MIR always brings out rubber perverts from around the world, and we can't wait to provide the play areas for you to misbehave in!

Tickets for Full Fetish will be available on the door at Jackhammer. Remember to bring fetish gear or be prepared to strip down to your jock if you want to gain access to The Hole – where our play spaces will be set up. Though we're open to all dresscodes, it would be incredible to have the majority of you deviants decked out in your best rubber!

Music for the party will be provided by the incredible DJ Milty Evans. Anyone who came to our last Chicago party will be able to tell you how good his sets are. When you're not getting into trouble down in The Hole, you'll be sure to be hitting the dance floor!

We always love bringing Full Fetish to the US, as we get a kick from giving you guys the chance to experience some European style debauchery. There's nothing more rewarding for us than seeing guys stagger from the party covered in sweat and cum, with big, wide grins on their faces. See you there!