Part one of our interview with April’s Featured Member boyred77

Part one of our interview with April’s Featured Member boyred77

from Recon News

08 April 2015

We caught up with boyred77, our Featured Member for April. He's a Leatherman from rural Alabama, and we think you'll agree he's a hot, sleazy fucker!

Recon: Hi boyred77. How's it going?

Boyred77: Great, currently I have a plug in my hole preparing for this weekend's fuckfest

R: Ha! Just what we like to hear!
How long have you been a member of Recon?

B: I've been a member for 4 years. Highly active for the past 2 years

R: What made you decide to apply to be Featured Member?

B: I love exhibition and voyeurism. I'll get naked anywhere anytime.

R: Haha excellent!
Are you happy to be picked?

B: I am stoked that YALL picked me, I'm such an average guy, highly personable and love to talk to some nasty FFuckers that want to talk trashy to me.

R: Where are you based?

B: I live in the Deep South, Northern Alabama. Huntsville, Alabama the rocket city. NASA - Marshal Space Flight Center is located here. Hence the name.

R: Did you grow up there? If so, what's it like to grow up with kinky tastes in a fairly rural area?

B: I grew up in a rural country town, going to church and raising horses for show and cattle for sale. Kink wise -- awful but I hope to bring more excitement to this small community soon. I am growing awareness and working to educate others on fetish lifestyles.

R: That's pretty amazing! Good Work!
What's it like for meeting other guys into leather and fetish?

B: There are a few leather guys in-town, it's always fun to go to the local bar with them. I generally travel to leather events in Atlanta and beyond.

R: Do you get to travel around lots?

B: I travel some, not a lot, I am a father to 2 boys that occupy a lot of my time. I am their rock. They live with me and get a kick seeing their dad walk out the door in his Wescos, jeans and black shirt. They say...have fun be safe.

R: That's awesome. They sound like good kids
When you travel, where do you go to?

B: Mainly the east coast. Looking to expand that this year. I am always up for travel and new friends and new adventures.

R: Where are some of your favorite places to go for fetish, and why those places?

B: My favorite hands down is Leather Central in Pittsburgh, PA. It was my first introduction into the leather scene and a TRUE leather bar. I felt like a kid getting ready to ride a roller coaster for the first time. So nervous but so fucking excited.

R: Is there anywhere you'd heading to soon, where guys might get to meet you?

B: IML 2015 -- I love a guy to say "hey man, saw you on recon or Facebook, love Ya posts". Being brave enough to do that means the world to me. Does it mean I'm going to let you grind my hole out with your fist? No.... Well, maybe if I'm honest lol.

R: Haha
Continued in Part 2