Part two of our interview with April’s Featured Member boyred77

Part two of our interview with April’s Featured Member boyred77

from Recon News

13 April 2015

Here's the second part of our interview with boyred77. Where we talk about his love of leather, fist fucking and the guys he's into:

Recon: You're into leather. What is it you like about wearing it?

Boyred77: Beyond look and feel, It's the history of leather and how previous Leathermen paved the way for so many of us today to enjoy ourselves however we like, be it flogging, fisting or just fucking.

R: Have you got any favorite pieces of gear? Why do you like them the most?

B: I love to flaunt my ass in my chaps, I love to feel shy guys lightly slide their hands across my ass in a crowded room, then I love the guys that boldly say "Look at this boys ass", as they grab my butt cheek and squeeze it.

R: Well, you gotta show off what you've got!
Do you have any favorite toys or equipment?

B: Titian Ass Servant plug – large

R: Nice
What guys get you hard? Do they need to be into leather too?

B: I'm attracted to all types of guys. Playing with my pierced nipples gets fluffed, but admiring and playing in my hole? Hands down makes me rise to occasion.

R: What types of fetish play would you say you're most into?

B: Fist Fucking

R: Have you had any hot experiences using Recon that you'd like to share?

B: Where do I start...Ft Lauderdale was a great experience with recon, met tons of wonderful people at a pool party, which later lead into drinks at the local leather bar Ramrod which then lead back to lots of FFun at the hotel.

R: Sounds hot!
Any Favourites or Friends you'd like to give a shout out to? Anyone you'd recommend?

B: Ha HEHEHE. Oh there are lots but I'll keep those to myself. Just message me and I'll tell Ya. :)

R: Fair enough. Ha
Finally, is there anything you'd like to share with Recon members?

R: Enjoy Life-Tomorrow isn't promised, it's okay to be afraid, hell I was when I started a few years ago but I've learned that several good people are kinky as fuck!!!

R: That's some good advice!
Thanks for being our latest Featured Member!