Part two of our two part interview with Featured Member AgentSmith

Part two of our two part interview with Featured Member AgentSmith

from Recon News

22 July 2015

In the second part of our interview with Patrick Smith - AgentSmith – we discuss his tastes in men and leather, how he and his husband play with others and he tells us all about his kinks. If you missed the first part of the interview, check out the link at the bottom of the page.

Recon: So, your old profile name was 2MascGuysLAX. I'm guessing you guys play together?

AgentSmith: We do.

R: Do you always play together or are you open?

AS: It depends. A good relationship is constantly evolving and adapting to new circumstances. We started off exclusive, as many couples do, and after a few months we started opening it up. We've been together four years now and sometimes we go through phases where we're only playing together, and sometimes we're playing apart. I think communication is key, making sure that both people are comfortable and on the same wavelength.

R: Completely. Being honest and open is the way to make it work, for sure.
What gets you hard about a guy in gear?

AS: I love the smell of leather, and how sweaty a guy gets in gear. Especially a group of guys. It's a total turn on.

R: 100%!
What's your favourite piece of gear?

AS: The very first harness I ever owned - it's a classic black leather bulldog harness with silver hardware from 665 Leather.

R: Nice. I'm sure it's seen many hot sessions!
Why do you like this piece the most?

AS: It's the piece I wore to my very first Folsom in San Francisco. That was quite the weekend. We went to one of the big play parties and let's just say there were a lot of hands gripping that harness that night.

R: Haha I bet!
When did you first get a taste for leather?

AS: Ever since I can remember! There wasn't much of a leather scene where I'm from in Canada, but I was definitely into it in terms of the guys I was attracted to and the porn I would watch.

R: What is it you like about leather?

AS: The smell, the feel of it against my skin, and the attitude of the guys wearing it. Nothing turns me on more. Add some muscle and a hairy chest and I'm sold.

R: Is your husband into leather as well?

AS: He is, and we attended our first Folsom weekend in San Francisco together. It helps to be with someone who is on the same sexual wavelength and also active in the community.

R: It certainly is.
Are there any other types of gear you guys like? If so, what is it you like about them?

AS: My husband Michael owns some sports gear, which totally gets me off. He's a muscular, bearded rugby player, so I'm sure you can imagine what he looks like in it. I'm also a sucker for a hot guy in boots and a flight suit.

R: Have you any specific kinks? Any favourite type of play?

AS: Yes, I have a whole rainbow of colors that I flag. In no particular order, I'm into groups, exhibitionism, bondage, watersports, breath control and sweat, among other things. Sweat is a big one for me - I love having it dripped on me during a hot scene.

R: When did you start to develop your kinks?

AS: It's all constantly evolving. Some of my kinks, like groups and exhibitionism, I've been into for almost ten years. Others - like watersports - I started exploring more recently. That's the beauty of this community - there is never a shortage of new things to try.

R: Never a truer word spoken!
Well, you must be crazy busy, so I'll let you get on. Do you have any last words for Recon members?

AS: Thanks for all the fun you've given me, Recon guys! And please follow my adventures over the coming year. You can also find me on Facebook at, on Twitter @patrickjonsmith, and on Instagram as patrickjonsmith.

R: Brilliant. Thanks AgentSmith. Enjoy being Featured Member, and we'll see you in September at Folsom Europe.