Party details for Recon London on 30 December

Party details for Recon London on 30 December

from Recon Events

09 December 2016

Every year during the festive period, Recon likes to blow away all your thoughts of wholesomeness with our debauched winter party. This year will be no different, as we bring you Recon London on Friday 30 December.

Taking over FIRE, Vauxhall in its entirety, there's going to be plenty of places for you to get up to no good. Here's what we've got in store for you:

• Main dance floor space with state of the art lighting and displays, and music provided by four of London's top DJs: Gordon John, Brent Nicholls, Paul Coals and Massimo Paramour
• Upstairs chill out space overlooking the main dance floor
• Puppy play area kitted out with kennel, play equipment and toys
• Wet room with large central pool and baths
• BDSM room with all your favourite pieces of equipment
• Upstairs chill out lounge overlooking bar area
• Concealed beds area
• Large slings room with more slings than ever before
• Heated outdoor lounge area
• Heated changing space
• VIP area with exclusive bar, lounge, cloakroom, toilets and music provided by DJ Chris Brogan

This is one of our favourite events of the year, and with good reason. All of FIRE is transformed into a kinky play area, filled with horny fetish men getting well and truly stuck in. The atmosphere at our parties is electric, and this one's no different - fueled by being the start of the New Year's celebrations. Our aim is for every guy in attendance to see out 2016 with a filthy smile on his face. One that'll last all the way through the cold winter months!

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