PHOTO COMPETITION: #FWL2015 - Deviants of The City

PHOTO COMPETITION: #FWL2015 - Deviants of The City

from Recon News

02 June 2015

The tagline for Fetish Week London 2015 reads 'men find trouble easy in a city full of sin'. We've been thinking about this a lot, and about the kind of men that would prowl the darkened streets and alleyways of our filthy little town.

We were heavily inspired by neo-noir cinema when we conceived this year's theme, and you can see the influence in the artwork we created. We've turned London into an even sleazier version of itself!

We created characters that would get up to no good in this warped version of the city – gang members, deviants, pimps and antiheroes – seedy, no good bottom feeders, the lot of them! Now it's your turn to get involved.

We want you to send in pictures of yourself as a character who might live in this festering hell hole. Using your gear, we want you to create a character that we'd find in the back alleys and dark, dangerous places of the city. They can be good, bad or somewhere in between. They can be mob bosses, rent boys, private dicks, thugs, heavies, goons, freaks or even superheroes/villains – whatever you see fit. Think Sin City. Think Blade Runner. Think Gotham City.

We want you to send in a picture of you geared up, the name of your character, and a few details about who they are. You can provide as little or as much information as you like. You can send in a simple picture, or really go to town! The choice is yours.

The competition will run throughout June, and we'll select a winner prior to #FWL2015. We'll post our favourites on Recon's social media throughout the month, giving everyone a chance to voice who they think are the best.

The winning entry will win a photo shoot with Matt Spike, the photographer behind the #FWL2015 artwork. A favourite image will be selected, and we'll digitally edit the image in the style of the poster artwork for the different FWL2015 parties! This is a pretty incredible prize, and will give you the chance to win a one of a kind piece of artwork…and get some great new profile pictures!

Send us your entries to:

Check out the digital #FWL2015 guide for inspiration