PHOTOS: Our last Recon @ The Boots party of 2015

PHOTOS: Our last Recon @ The Boots party of 2015

from Recon News

04 December 2015

Last weekend we were back in Antwerp for our final Recon @ The Boots party of 2015, and we had a great turnout to see it off!

The weather took a turn for the chilly outside, but it was hot and sweaty in The Boots. There was some incredibly horny action taking place across all six floors of the club. Guys weren't shy about getting stuck into the sleazy play, but they were a little bit camera shy. As such, we didn't get as many pics as usual, but we got some great shots all the same.

November's Featured Member Duncan84 made an appearance at the party, and he's a really great guy. He's also as much of a pig in person as he is in pics.

Nordine, Mr Leather Belgium 2014 also was in attendance, and was looking hot in full rubber gear. Earlier in the day he took Team Recon around the vintage leather shops of Antwerp. Guys into leather should check them out. There were some incredible bargains to be had.

It was also the birthday weekend of Geert, the owner and mastermind of The Boots. In creating this amazing venue he's done a huge service to fetish men across Europe, so let's all raise a glass to him!

All three parties at The Boots this year were big successes and a whole lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who attended them, and see you all in 2016.