PHOTOS: Recon in Chicago for Full Fetish and MIR19

PHOTOS: Recon in Chicago for Full Fetish and MIR19

from Recon News

24 November 2015

At the beginning of November we were back in Chicago for the Mr International Rubber 19 weekend. Not only were we one of the main sponsors of the event, but we also brought a Full Fetish party for all the rubber pervs.

Full Fetish was the official Friday night party of MIR and it brought out a whole load of of rubber geared up guys, who wasted no time in heading to The Hole, where the play rooms were set up.

The smell of rubber and sex was incredible, and you could smell it all the way to the upstairs bar. Guys were really going to town in The Hole, and each of the play rooms were full of hot guys from around the world getting up to no good.

DJ Milty Evans kept everyone going till 5am. Beyond, in fact, as a group of guys were not ready to stop playing and carried on till even later.

The party was full of MIR attendees, contestants and local rubbermen, as well as a large number of pups. There was a great atmosphere and it was a fun way to kick off the weekend.

Check the links below to get a taste of the guys in attendance at Full Fetish, and to see what went on at MIR.