Recon interviews this month's Featured Member, MNKY

Recon interviews this month's Featured Member, MNKY

from Recon News

27 November 2014

We recently interviewed our Featured Member, MNKY. Here's what he had to say for about his life and fetish experiences:

Recon: Hi MNKY. How's it going?

MNKY: Busy, but life is going good!

R: Glad to hear it! So, where in the world can guys find you?

M: Well... guys can find me living in Reno, and being a demo model and partying in Sacramento and San Francisco and possibly LA at some point.

I don't really go out and party in Reno, I like to think of it as my work space. I don't party in my workplace.

R: That kind of makes sense.
How long you been using Recon for?

M: Aug 28th 2011 was my first day with Recon. So many experiences and friends I have met and soon to meet!

R: When did you last hook up with a guy through Recon?

M: Geez, not a lot of guys on Recon around Reno that have what I'm looking for. The last time I hooked up was Folsom Street Fair in SF. But every once in a while someone will catch my eye and I will make sure to put their location on my future travel list.

R: Have you got any favourite members?

M: Absolutely! I have some good friends, pups, boys, SIR's and of course...Daddies.

Some of my favorites are TubaJack, benjb75, JRMusclebear, BoyMijo

R: When did you start getting a taste for fetish?

M: Well I can trace my bondage fetish to before I knew what masturbation was. I would tie my legs up and throw the other end of the rope around my jungle gym in my back yard and hang myself by my legs upside down. I would feel really good and I did not know it at the time but I was having an orgasm every time I did it. Later in life I started understanding myself more and remembered my adventures as a child and decided to pursue this feeling more.

R: Wow, that's cool. Kink from a young age! Would you say there's much of a difference between you and your fetish persona?

M: In everyday life, I am funny but shy and not very outgoing. But I am taking more from my fetish persona, Monkey or MNKY for short. As monkeys are more energetic and don't care what you think about them, even to go as far as to throw poo at you if you annoy them. I am also taking more of the care free attitude towards life from being a pup. As a pup, if you can't eat it or play with it...pee on it and move on. :)

R: What's your favourite fetish club? At home or abroad?

M: Definitely would have to say Citadel and The Eagle in San Francisco.

R: Your profile shows a nice long list of likes, and you seem very accommodating with what guys might be into. I bet you've had some horny adventures through Recon, right? Any you'd like to share?

M: I have had a couple adventures...too dirty to speak of. ;)

R: Spoil sport!
At a push, what would you say about a guy in gear gets you hardest?

M: Definitely the look of muscles in leather and rubber makes me drool. And the mixed smell of man with rubber or leather just makes me... Ok now I'm hard.

R: Haha. Nice.
What's Reno like for fetish guys? Is that hot hairy ass of yours getting the attention it needs?

M: Unfortunately we have one known leather bar (that I know of) here in Reno. It's... Let's just say it's a charming little bar but leather does not seem to be a part of it. That's why you will see me in California partying it up rather than Reno, Nevada.

R: I reckon plenty of Recon guys around the world would love to play with you. You get to travel much?

M: I mostly travel to California since its close but in 2015 I have big plans to visit parts of Europe and other spots on the east coast of the USA.
I have chatted with a couple guys through Recon that I need to meet face to face with already!!!

R: It certainly pays to plan ahead!
What's your one piece of fetish wear you can't do without? The one you'd save first if your house was on fire?

M: Just ONE! Can I just burn in the house with them all? If I had to choose, it would have to be my rubber football pants. They were my first piece of rubber and a gift. So I would grab them not only because they make my ass and legs look great but because they have sentimental value.

R: Any favourite toys or equipment?

M: PADDLE PADDLE PADDLE! Love being spanked and paddles are fun!!! I also have a flogger that Papa Tony gave me at Folsom after he flogged me. It was a very special moment and he ended up giving me his favorite flogger! Since then I have been practicing with it. One day i would like to own my own suspension hoist and that will be my favorite piece of equipment.

R: I see from your profile you're up for doing kink demos and modelling. You had any jobs lately?

M: My last kink demo was at The Bolt in Sacramento. After being paddled and beer poured over my ass, another Dom tied me up in the back and flogged me. Then busted the taser out and gave me some good jumps as i squirmed. During this the Dom gave me some bites on my back and got so into it that He bit into my skin and I had a nice puncture wound. I did not feel it because of my adrenaline.

I had another demo at a bar where I was, of course, being spanked and flogged by a German. He made me count out my whipping in German. It was amazing!

My most recent photo shoot was for Mr. S Leather in San Francisco.
Otherwise I am doing photo shoot projects with my good friend and photographer Victor Crulich. Our first photo shoot together was me as a werewolf. His work is amazing!

R: Wow. That sounds cool. And like you're crazy busy!
As we're grateful for you taking the time to talk with us, we'd like to give you a chance to tell us about your t-shirts we hear you make.

M: MNKY BOY is my clothing line that I first started to just help me and my friends show our label status, such as pig, bear, sub, Dom, ECT without having to adorn the typical leather or rubber attire to show others at a glance what you wanted and i was only meeting people at the fetish events. When you go out to a bar or just out shopping at the mall, you pass by a bunch of people that could be interested in what you are interested in. You yourself are a billboard and I wanted a clothing line that helped direct the right people to you. I wanted to use typography to put labels on the shirt and funny phrases such as, "Always be yourself, unless you can be a pig then always be a pig". Some people would not understand what that really meant and might just laugh, then you will get the one guy who stops you and says he loves your shirt because he knows exactly what it means.

After getting feedback and lots of demand I decided to go big with it and have MNKY BOY be a big part of getting people into fetish together easier in everyday life.

MNKY BOY has big plans for the future so keep your eye out for us invading your town in 2015.

R: I know a lot of guys that would want to wear the 'always be a pig' tee!

M: Yes! I have a couple good shirts that people have started to really enjoy. Some of the favorites are, "Who's Dick Do I Have To Suck For Gay Rights Around Here?" "Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Pig/Pup, Then Always Be A Pig/Pup" "You Can Take It And Like It, Or You Can Just Take It" and "Good Boys Have Sore Knees"

R: I'll definitely be checking them out. Well, thanks for chatting MNKY. Hope you enjoy your Featured Member status!