Recon is giving Australia a gift to celebrate Sydney Mardi Gras 2016

Recon is giving Australia a gift to celebrate Sydney Mardi Gras 2016

from Recon News

17 February 2016

Team Recon have made the long flight over to Australia to take part in this year's Sydney Mardi Gras celebrations. At the same time, our developers have been putting the finishing touches to a new feature that's going to change the way you interact with Recon and its members. We felt this would be a great opportunity to give you guys the chance to experience the Beta version first before anyone else.

Fetish men of Australia we give to you: Recon's newsfeed!

As you can already see, your home page now looks a whole lot different. You'll now be seeing news items, event listings, cruises, photo galleries and updates from your Friends and Favourites appearing in the feed. We'll also be producing new types of content for you guys to enjoy. We think it's going to open up the world of Recon to you and make it a whole lot more accessible. Go have a play around and see how you like it.

Newsfeed is currently available on web and iOS in Australia only. An update for Aussie Android users will be coming soon. If you can't see the Newsfeed on your iOS device make sure you're using the latest version of the app. If you still can't see it, you will need to logout and log back in again.

If you encounter any issues or you'd like to share your thoughts on the newsfeed, please contact us at: