Recon is now available in German!

Recon is now available in German!

from Recon News

29 August 2013

Germany is without a doubt one of our favorite destinations. Sexy German men, some of the kinkiest street fairs and parties in the world, loads of beer and a real appreciation of leather and gear are just a few of the things that make us love it. That's why we are very proud and excited to announce our fourth language….GERMAN!

As of right now, you will be able to use Recon not only in English, Spanish and French but in the mother tongue of nearly 70,000 Recon members. Remember, to change your language on Recon, simply click on any of the buttons in the bottom right hand corner.

To our German, Austrian and Swiss members: Not only can you now use your favourite fetish website in your native language we are hoping you will very shortly have more men to choose from. We would sincerely appreciate if you can help us spread the word and tell all of your fetish friends about Recon in German. Just imagine, if you each got one more person to join we'd have over 100,000 members in Germany alone. The more the merrier…and dirtier…and hotter.

Most of you know that German men (especially those on Recon) love their fetish and gear but we have some other German facts for you as well…

• There are 53,459 Recon members in Germany

• There are over 1000 kinds of sausages in Germany

• 22% of our German members are Tops, 28% are Bottoms and 50% are Versatile

• There are 38 Recon members in Liechtenstein (that's 1 out of every 954 Liechtensteiners)

• German is spoken by nearly 100,000,000 people worldwide (that's a lot of new potential Recon members!)

• Recon has sponsored many events in Germany over the years including the infamous PIG! Party

• There are over 15,000 Recon members in Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg

• Berlin is our largest German region with nearly 10,000 members (we love Berlin)

• North Rhine-Westphalia is our second largest German region with nearly 9,000 members

• 40% of our German members have some hair or are hairy and 39% are shaved or have none

We realize at this point you probably REALLY want to book a trip to Germany but remember the next best thing is to take a virtual trip and browse through some of our German profiles. We can assure you there is tons of eye-candy AND you might find a place to stay for your next trip ;)