Recon supports the National AIDS Trust

Recon supports the National AIDS Trust

from Recon News

06 August 2017

We are committed to helping charities and not-for-profit organisations that are within the interests of our members. We help a number of charities, but starting from this year we have chosen to annually select one charity that will receive both financial and fund-raising support throughout the year. Due to the great work that they do, we are happy to announce that this year's chosen charity will be the National AIDS Trust (NAT).

Founded in 1987, NAT is committed to transforming the UK's response to HIV. Their work has received a lot of attention, most recently when they took NHS England to court in order to roll out largescale PrEP trials across the country. They believe that everyone deserves health and equality, championing the rights of people living with HIV and campaigning for change – shaping attitudes, challenging injustice, and changing lives. The work they do is incredibly important, and we're pleased to be supporting them.

Our 2017 World AIDS Day campaign will be supporting NAT, and we'll be providing further information about them and the work they do over the next 12 months.