Recon @ The Boots – photos now available

Recon @ The Boots – photos now available

from Recon News

05 November 2014

We were down at The Boots, Antwerp for the third and final time this year. There was an amazing crowd, filled with plenty of hot fetish guys, and a whole lot of filthy fun was had. This was only fitting, as it was The Boots' 31st birthday!

It's fair to say that this incredible venue entered its 31st year in the sleazy style you'd expect. There was nasty, sweaty play going on all over each of the 6 floors, and with the bonus of the clocks going back, we got an extra hour of fun!

We got to hang out with lots of incredibly hot guys, including the freshly appointed Mr Fetish Boots Belgium, who was great to chat to. There were guys from all over Europe hooking up, and the play spaces were full for almost the entire night.

We introduced our latest member of Team Recon, Will, to his first event, and we had him on photographer duties. He reported back that he'd witnessed some of the dirtiest action he'd ever seen. As he tells us, "I was just chatting with a guy about Belgium in the smoking area, and this other guy came up and started fucking him mid conversation. This led to other guys joining in, all whilst I was commenting on the architecture of Antwerp. It was crazy, but so fucking hot!" Bless him. He'll learn. Needless to say, he can't wait to get back to The Boots for our next event.

Take a look at the pics from the party, and be sure to watch the Recon site for more info on when we'll be back in Antwerp for more of the same.