Recon’s 2023 World AIDs Day Campaign launches today.

Recon’s 2023 World AIDs Day Campaign launches today.

from Recon News

01 December 2023

For the past 17 years, Recon members have continued to generously donate hundreds of thousands of pounds to worldwide AIDS charities. Your generosity has always been appreciated, no matter how small. This year we ask again if you can spare a donation, to help the continuing support for those affected by the disease, as well as charities and those who fight on the front lines.

This year we'll be supporting AREMEDIA Paris, Berliner Aids-Hilfe, LGBT Hero, and the San Francisco Aids Foundation in their work against HIV and AIDS.

Our 2022 campaign gave our members the opportunity to choose their charity and donate directly, in 2023 we're looking to continue with this same initiative.

We at Recon HQ will start the proceedings by donating £2,500 and invite you to donate as well.

Donating is easy; click on the relevant donation button to go to their site, you can then decide on how much you want to give. No amount is too small, and the size of the donation is up to you; every contribution helps this important cause.

Get ready to see loads of Recon profiles popping up with virtual red ribbons. These ribbons show those members who have made donations and support the fight against the spread of HIV and AIDS.