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26 October 2019

Describe yourself in one sentence

Young French guy into BDSM and Fetish

What are your fetishes?

My main fetishes are latex/Leather and PVC. I would say that I like most tight clothing!

How did you get into fetish and kink?

My fetish for latex/Leather came very early when I saw some very nice outfits in different kinds of movies, like Matrix for example. I knew instantly that I had a thing for shiny tight clothing! And then with the help of the internet it became more and more obvious that it was clearly a fetish for me. As I was always looking at woman with rubber/leather and then guys also. It stayed that way even now. I like both!

I discovered my taste for bondage with a school friend. We were very close of each other and as a game we tied each other up. But the game became more and more sexual between us. That is how I discovered my second kink: Bondage. Then when I was around 18, I did my first true bondage session. It was so great.

What do you love about rubber?

Quite everything! The look, the tight feeling, the smell. When it's a fetish you have you love everything about it. If I could have all my normal clothing in rubber I would definitely do it!

I love to mix different looks with rubber/leather/PVC and share them. The more the outfit looks like you could wear it every day in the street, the more I like it! It would be so great if famous brands got their own fetish collection to spice things up and to offer some alternative looks.

What turns you on about bondage?

If I am doing bondage, most of the time it will be with ropes. I find it much more sensual. If you really tied someone up good, it can last more than 20-30 minutes and the more time you spend the more the other guy can't move. If I want to be quicker, I will just use some handcuff for some soft action or a leather straitjacket: quick and so efficient!

What in life interests you, outside of fetish?

Outside of fetish I am a pretty casual young guy! I like cars, planes/helicopters, Lego (yes, that is right).
I really love food. All sorts. I love to travel also.

What do you go for in a guy?

I have to say that, for the look of the guy, I am always going for the twinky look! I just can't get enough!
For the attitude I like guys that have some self-confidence, someone funny that can make fun of everything, including himself! Someone open minded with some similar interest than mine. I recently discovered that if I have to be in a relationship, I won't be able to make it last long if the other guy is not into kinks. It is way too frustrating when it is such a big part of you.

Describe the best encounter you've had through Recon

My best encounter with Recon was meeting a guy around my age who has exactly the same fetishes/kinks. We played together for about 1 year and did a lot of cool stuff together. We traveled to Berlin for the Folsom too. It's never easy to meet some young guys into kinks, so Recon has really helped me for that!

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