REREAD: musclefagMN

REREAD: musclefagMN

from Recon News

31 August 2019

Recon: Describe yourself in one sentence

musclefagMN: A femme fag who loves to serve but can be obstinate ;)

R: When did you discover you were into fetish and kink?

mfM: I'm sure there's some sort of realization I'll come to eventually: but I'd have to say when I would watch Power Rangers there was something about their costumes and when they'd get tied up, definitely did something to a young me (not to mention the muscles on some of them/villains). I also came across some BDSM porn when I was older that definitely sealed the deal.

R: Tell us about being gender nonconforming

mfM: I've only recently come out as non-binary/gender non-conforming so I'm still exploring all aspects of what it means to me. While I may present as male/masculine, that is only one part of me; I do have a duality inside me that I'm learning to be comfortable presenting to the outside world. Growing up there was an internal/external shame instilled that stopped me from exploring and learning about things deemed 'feminine'.

R: Do you ever get negative reactions for your gender nonconformity on the scene, or do you think we're (hopefully) starting to move past that?

mfM: I do get negative reactions, but not as often as I thought would happen. I don't know if it speaks to the Twin Cities kink community acceptance or something else. Sadly, that's not the case for other GNC/NB members of our community. Whether they be more masculine or femme presenting people, they should feel welcome just like anyone else. As a community, we can always do better at making everyone feel welcome and give them the same respect we'd expect for ourselves.

R: What are your main fetishes and kinks?

mfM: Fisting, fucking, chastity, pain play (CBT, TT), impact (seriously, just keep flogging/caning me). Bondage. Confinement (sensory deprivation, sleep sacks). Breath play... There's not much I'm not open to trying at least once.

R: Tell us more about being submissive and how you connect with this way of being

mfM: I view submission as not purely sexual, but as adding and assisting the Dom in ways more closely associated with a butler almost. I get such satisfaction in helping people with anything that makes me feel useful.

In scenes, I view it as allowing the Dom to gain pleasure from using me and in return I get pleasure from achieving that goal.

R: What characteristics are important in the Men you serve

Respect and willingness to learn. An open mind can do wonders for each of us and can lead to scenes and experiences we wouldn't have been open to. A key idea is development of each other; pushing to learn new skills and achieve our goals. Mental and energy attributes are what I look for, not body/attractiveness attributes

R: Describe for you what would be an ideal encounter

mfM: I'm doing chores in my uniform (some sort of lace), and Sir comes up and starts playing with my hole. It leads to him restraining me and exposing my hole for him to start to open up wide. The energy is bouncing between tender and caring, and rough and forceful 😈 he keeps going until he gets his hand/toy in further than before and finishes it off by milking me until I squirt

R: What's the fetish and kink scene like in Minneapolis?

mfM: we have a strong, diverse, and active community in Minneapolis. There's events put on by many organizations and clubs almost every week. Plus, The Saloon's "TANK" night has really reinvigorated gear nights and making the community more visible.

R: And finally, if there's anything else you'd like to say to our members, now's your chance

mfM: Be more open to people who are different from you: gender, race, expression. We are all members of the same kink/fetish community. Being nice isn't hard. Bonus: you might get an experience that will blow your mind that you may have missed otherwise 😊 Happy Hunting ;)

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