REREAD: Nipples 101

REREAD: Nipples 101

from Recon News

27 February 2021


Over the past few years I've had quite a number of fellow pigs ask how I got my nipples so big, or they'd see my reaction when they work them - my cock goes rock hard - and ask how they can wake theirs up.

My nipples weren't always so sensitive, but I did start working on them as a late teen, having sex with a Master who clamped them whilst I was hooded. I had no idea what the sensation was at first. Heat? Pain? Both? But it was in the unknowing that I was turned on. It was a sensation I had never felt before, and through sensory deprivation, by being hooded and tied to a bed spread eagle, it was as confusing as it was horny. It's a feeling I will always associate with when my nips are worked.

Many guys say their nipples don't do anything for them, and you can often spot this by whether or not they play with yours. Naturally, if something doesn't do anything for you, it's instinctive that you won't put focus there, unless explicitly asked to. Then there are the guys who keep insisting you play with their nips, by grabbing your hands – even if you're supporting yourself with them – to hold on to their pig-tits; not annoying at all. Communication is key in establishing fetishes and kinks that work for both you and other guys. If your nips don't do anything for you, it's good to ask the guy HOW he like them to be worked. Some like them gently stroked, others, myself included, like it when you use your nails - a build up to that is normally warranted though. Often, by the third time saying harder, I end up saying "Do it like you hate me", and thus achieve optimal pain stimulation. Again, it's about communication.

So how to I switch them on? I find that pumping them is the first port of call, as you flood the cells of the nipple with blood, increasing their surface area whilst simultaneously activating their sensitivity.
Two years ago, I was dancing at a club BLN and these two guys were working themselves up to come over, so finally one of them comes up and blurts out, "I love your big nips, how do I get mine like that?!". I loved his enthusiasm and explained that I train guys' nipples to get them bigger. The key is the length of time and regularity, rather than just the intensity. Like all good things, it takes patience and dedication.


Use your suckers regularly, and I would suggest silicone suckers or twisting suckers. There are a wide variety of suckers out there, to draw nipples up from the body. A brand in particular is called Supple Nipples - definitely not the horniest of names, but they work well. If you're just starting out, get a size 2 or maybe 3, but no bigger. When having sex, it's good to pump them before and, of course, during your session, so that when the blood rushes to the nipple and they're more sensitive during play. Even if you're not playing often, pumping them at least 3 times a week and leaving them on for say, 30 mins, will keep them growing in size. The sensitivity will come with their size increase almost as a by-product.

You want to lubricate the nipples with silicone lube, then apply your suckers bas they won't stay on for long otherwise. If you're hairy, you'll need to shave around or manscape so that the suckers' suction and stay on. Make sure trimming your hair is something you're willing to do before you take a pair of clippers to your hairy chest!


It's important to practice on yourself with the clamps you buy, to make sure that you're aware of your own pain threshold, rather than finding out when you're incapable of saying "too much", because you're gagged - again that might be a turn on for you pain pigs out there. You'll find that, as with most things, your tolerance will increase with practice, so don't be disheartened if they can't take much at first. In time they'll be able to take much more.

Binding your nipples:

This involves using shoelace or string to literally wrap around the nipples. In doing so, you begin to elongate the nipples which increases sensitivity. After pumping them you can start binding your nipples from the base up. Best way to start is to tie a single knot but not too tight - this is just to keep the string in place as you wrap around your nipple. You want to literally wrap the nipple until you've gone to the tip and back, finishing each side with a single slipknot so you can release them easily. I would suggest using a string or lace that's 100% cotton, just as it will hold better.

Elastrators and bands:

I would use these with extreme care, and make sure you understand your limit when using bands on your nipples. You don't want your nipples to go blue and dropping off, so again this is probably something you'd want to explore with someone experienced, or once you know your limit with binding your nips.

Piercing them for gains:

I have pierced my nipples several times and it's always a discussion point, as some guys insist that piercing them decreases sensitivity, whereas I think that it in doing so, it has increased mine. Piercing your nipples will most certainly increase their size, as anyone who has only pierced one nipple would tell you. If they remove the piercing or it grows out of the body, you're left with one bigger than the other. Bear in mind that if you pierce your nipples, you won't be able to play with them for a good couple of months while they heal. It's important to follow the aftercare the piercer tells you to, in order to have them back in working order as soon as possible.

The benefits to working your nipples hard, binding or using bands on them by elastrators, is that in the following week you'll find that your nipples will scab and will probably be very tender. For many, the gentle brushing of your t-shirt the week following is an instant turn on, as they are a constant reminder of the session you had. The scabbing may seem a bit alarming at first, but don't worry, the nipples heal very quickly and you're left with a bigger nipple so win-win in that regard. If you find that there is excessive damage or bleeding, then of course go see your doctor asap.

So, where does tit play fall on your list of kinks now you know you can turn them into hardon generators? Are you more inclined to? Perhaps it's time to get some suckers and clamps, and see how connected they are in a month's time. You might be missing out on a hell of a lot of pleasurable pain that I wouldn't want to miss for the world.