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14 December 2020

By Team Recon's Skully

"Are you a true Scotsman?" is a question you will inherently get asked when your wearing a kilt. This is generally the softer style of questioning when someone wants to know if my dick is out underneath it. Some people who are more forward (or intoxicated) generally just try and lift it up to have a look.

When you see a man in a kilt, it seems to be the thought most people jump to immediately. I can't help but think it's the wonder of is he or isn't he wearing underwear? Is there a chance you'll have easy access to a dick or an ass and the fact there is no extra barrier (or layer of modest protection) to combat with when getting the crown jewels?

When presented with a question which is essentially "are you wearing any underwear" it has its advantages. I've definitely used the questioning to cheekily start a cat and mouse guessing game for a whole evening - even if someone doesn't want to fuck you, not knowing the answer seems to drive people crazy for the confirmation. Wearing a kilt is essentially a huge "look at my dick" sign for a lot of people, and I think that is the general basics of why kilts are sexy to a lot of people.

Being the person in the kilt you have the power to tease. You can indulge in full on exhibitionism, showing all the good, which is quite popular with pissed up straight lads who love the novelty of wearing a kilt to rugby matches. The actual term for this is Anasyrma (the when not wearing underwear, to expose genitals). Some prefer a less provocative mooning as perfectly displayed in the 1995 Braveheart in which a whole army rowdy Scotsman flash their arses to the English (A piece of cinematic filmography that defiantly helped evolve my feelings towards the kilt)

The kilt, like most items of clothing, has undergone a process of evolution over the centuries before and adopted into the fetish scene. Military kilts are still worn with pride today by many units of the British, Canadian and Australian armies. They are largely relegated to honour guard duty and dress occasions, but their impact on the martial spirit is as powerful as ever. If we're talking fetish headspace kilts as part of a uniform present an image of enhanced masculinity and authority that can also be flipped into both Dom and sub head space. I know a sub who loves wearing a kilt as it's easy access for him to be used instantly at the request of his Master.

I think what is so great about the use of a kilt is its adaptability within the fetish scene, it's an item that can be work with full leather regalia, or with a t-shirt. As an article of clothing it can project anything you want. A short girl's kilt for the sissy is just as powerful a tool as the leather kilt worn as part of the full regalia. The feeling of a lubed up kilt brushing your legs while you walk around a fetish event, the occasional gust of breeze relieving your balls while the rest of you is sweating from the rubber can be a pretty good experience.

There's also the accessories that come with the kilt that help further it's suitability such as the sporran.

The sporran if you're unfamiliar is a little pouch that hangs down the front of the kilt – great for holding your wallet, phone, Prep, lube and keys. Which when you're on a night out with no pockets is a god send. I went to a family wedding many years ago, in which my partner at the time had insisted I wear underwear under my kilt, even to the point he had brought me a specific pair of briefs for the occasion. Hating being told what to wear (event my father gave that fight up years before) I took off the underwear and placed them in my sporran- only to accidently take them out while giving my sister her digital camera. We broke up soon after.

The sporran is traditionally made of leather and held in place with a chain (another bit of equipment that can be multipurpose). There's also the socks and the footwear, most men wear boots with their kilts which in my opinion displays them off beautifully, there is nothing sexier than seeing a sub worshipping the boots of a kilted Dom.

Like a lot of fetish gear, there are different connotations and associations with kilts. I initially wore a kilt to weddings. I then realised I could get more use out of mine by wearing it to fetish events and now its's part of my casual wardrobe (kilts are very versatile). As someone who has worn kilts growing up and as now part of my wardrobe staple, I love wearing them and if you are still wanting to know why a Scotsman goes commando when wearing a kilt, it's the freeeeeeedommmmm.

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