from Recon News

05 March 2021

By Team Recon's Skully

"I want you to wear white sport socks for 7 days straight and then cum in them"

I do exactly what I'm told and provide daily evidence of what is expected of me. I then package the socks in a zip lock bag and post them first class, providing them with receipt details that their package has been sent.

2020 saw the adaption of many things, including the fetish scene. As events moved online and the chance to play with other guys disappeared during the pandemic, I was surprised and thrilled to learn of innovative ways fetish men continued to form a connection and indulge in fetish play.

"What would you like for Christmas?" is the text I get without fail every December 1st from my family. There is nothing I ever really want for Christmas, but there is something I always need, so it's always the same reply: socks.

2020 saw me say goodbye to a lot of pairs of socks, and I'm needing to replenish my stock. Over the years I've given away and sold lots of pairs of socks, however, through the first lockdown, I packaged up and sent a much higher amount of socks to people throughout the world (at least a part of me got to travel abroad in 2020!). What started off as an innocent thirst trap, quickly snowballed, with requests from kinksters for my used socks.

To pass the time during lockdown, I cut deals with guys online as to what socks I would wear, how long for and what I would be doing in my socks. It was fun and it passed the time (and saved a lot of washing powder) but out of the cheeky back and forth with guys online came a genuine form of social distance foot fetish play. Lockdown was not the first time I became aware of the power of my socks and feet. As someone who has always worn boots and trainers that have seen better days, lockdown was not my first encounter with foot fetishists - I've sold many pairs of boots and trainers destined for the bin, in the knowledge they will get a new lease of life being sniffed or cleaned by someone who will get joy out of them. What was surprising was the sheer amount of engagement it seemed to drum up during lockdown.

For me, who has dabbled in a bit of foot play, lockdown was a great opportunity to explore this kink from the comfort of my own home. Spending time creating a "fetish journey" for my socks was fun and created a kink scenario in which I could flip roles depending on the person or situation.

If a guy wants me to wear a pair of socks for five days then piss on them so he can gag his bf with them during a session – I'm more than willing to oblige, happy in the knowledge that I've shared in that experience.

When it comes to fetish play and socks, they are the most versatile pieces of gear - even in non-kink play, people will always have a preference about wearing socks/not wearing socks in the bedroom. Fetish brands know the widespread appeal of socks and do well at selling branded varieties - often an indicator to other kinksters and filtering into subcultures within the scene. In 2007, a study was performed with internet discussion groups, to estimate the prevalence of fetishes in approximately 5,000 people. They found that one of the most common type of fetish preferences were for feet with 1 in 7 having a fetish for socks.
The use of socks within play is something that can be a great steppingstone for people looking to explore kink: if your balls deep in someone with their socked feet near your face - is it something you want engage with? Or from the other side, do you want to test the water by casually edging your socks on the face of the top who's fucking you?

When it comes to more serious sock/foot fetish play, negotiating how long you're going to wear a pair of socks for, what you're going to do in them and what they will be used for after is an interesting and innovating way of sharing an experience with someone if you can't physically be with them. Spending time providing titillating content with other kinksters and indulging in the ritual of taking off the socks and posting them is a way of staying connected with other fetishists. Last year was a period where we have all had to learn patience, appreciate the anticipation of waiting for the socks to arrive in the post and the excitement of opening of the package and most importantly have fun with it

I'm currently 4 days into an 7 day stint for a sub who has asked me to wear them with my gym trainers, which he will receive in due course with him not being allowed to cum until he has them in his hand.