This year was the biggest SleazyMadrid party to date!

This year was the biggest SleazyMadrid party to date!

from Recon News

18 May 2015

SleazyMadrid 2015 was a huge success, and a whole lot of filthy fun!

Team Recon arrived on Thursday and got things going early with the X-Plosion party. We were unable to stop too late, as we had an early start setting up Full Fetish on Friday morning, but things seemed to be kicking off well when we left around 3am.

After one of our speediest party set ups to date, we went back to our apartments to get our beauty sleep for the big event. And what an event Full Fetish turned out to be! We opened relatively early for Madrid at 11pm and we started to get a nice crowd from the get go. You could see the fetish guys chomping at the bit to get into the fenced off play spaces, but like the fuckers we are, we enjoyed delaying the release until just the right moment!

The party filled up quickly, and there was a massive number of hot guys. Not just guys from Spain, but from all over Europe as well. As soon as the play spaces were open, it was wall to wall sleazy action, and guys took full advantage of the great equipment set up. It's a shame we don't take pictures in the play spaces, as they were filled to the brim with men getting up to filth! The dance floor was also in use all night, and the party had a brilliant atmosphere.

Full Fetish stayed busy all the way till 6am, when after a quick tidy up, we headed home to get ready for Saturday night.

Some of Team Recon indulged a bit too hard on Friday (we'll name no names), but we all got ready for our designated 'Arse Out Saturday', and joined the masses at Into The Tank.

Into The Tank was huge, with live sex shows, the hottest go-go boys, and some nicely placed play spaces. No one left without a grin on their face! As always, the music was incredible, and kept people dancing, fucking and having kinky play all night long!

We love SleazyMadrid, and the guys who arrange it and Into The Tank. It's always a massively fun event and one we can't wait for. So much so that we now have Into The Tank as a regular fixture during Fetish Week London.

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