Time to get to know MasoMutt, March’s Featured Member. Part 2

Time to get to know MasoMutt, March’s Featured Member. Part 2

from Recon News

21 March 2016

Our Featured Member for March, MasoMutt, has a wide range of tastes in fetish and kink. We checked in with him to get to know him a little bit more.

Recon: What's your fetish life like in Philadelphia?

MasoMutt: The fetish scene here, which we lovingly call "Philthadelphia," has evolved volumes since I moved here in 2010. I found fetish way before I discovered the leather community. It's a common practice to work one's way from public parties to the more private/underground/vetted events. I did just that. When I got hired at Philly's leather bar, The Bike Stop, I was still in college. It was the only bar in the gayborhood that I felt comfortable in. I guess I spent enough nights sitting alone at the bar that they finally said "hey kid, you want a job?" Now I've been working there for 3 years. In that time I've become involved with several amazing clubs including The Philadelphians MC, The Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps, The Kraken's Lair, ONYX MA, and The Queer Leather Alliance. These clubs have empowered me to be as active as I am in the greater community. I'm now in a position to educate and make connections for others, facilitate events, and even create some of my own events. One of my most recent being a monthly gear party on 2nd Thursday at The Bike Stop called, "Vice." Vice's goal is to get people out, to create an open and welcoming environment, and to be an outlet for everyone - from the biggest gear enthusiast to the new and curious.

R: Is fetish/kink part of your everyday life? Is it an important part of who you are?

MM: Fetish/kink are just as big a part of the person I am as everything else. Sexuality in the general sense and any otherwise sexual inclination you have are healthy and important parts of you to explore. The amount you engage in kink or fetish can vary from casual elements in sex, to its presence being involved in part or whole in your relationship dynamics. You get to control those decisions and do what is right for you. I guess that's why answering questions like "when/how/where did this fetish/kink begin for you?" are so hard for me. It's because I have always felt those components of me were innate. It's just been a part of my personal journey to discover, learn, process, and implement them. The key really only being able to create healthy balance and to make smart informed decisions (Safe.Sane.Consensual or Risk.Aware.Consensual.Kink). Should I ever be lucky enough to be partnered, that person would have to understand that about me, just as much as they would have to understand that my mother is never going to stop trying to be their best friend and I'm incapable of living outside of a city. Haha.

R: Do you ever attend fetish events in other cities/countries? If so, where can guys meet you?

MM: I do. I usually make it to Mid Atlantic Leather (DC), International Mr Leather (Chicago), CLAW (Cleveland), Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem (Gettysburg, Pa), Dark Odyssey Events, TesFest (NJ), Folsom East (NY), and many other local events. Sadly, I haven't made it to events out of the country just yet, but I will cross the big pond someday. Getting to London and Berlin are first on the list.

R: We certainly hope you do!
How do these places compare to Philadelphia?

MM: Every place has its own vibe and scene. A lot of the places I go have a much larger scene than what we do in Philadelphia. I love Chicago and miss it every time I leave. The scene in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) is large and has events all the time. I try and get home when I can.

R: What do you like to get up to with a guy?

MM: I have a range of things I love from very mild play to intense experiences. At the moment, I am really into play that involves CNC (consensual non consent; I'm more than willing to discuss what CNC is). I get a lot of my pleasure from very aggressive play that often involves extended torture, interrogation, sensory deprivation, body fluids, and the use of every tool in my arsenal from my single tails and floggers to my fist and boots. The kind of scenes where the bottom questions their poor survival instincts. But no worries I can tone it down too. =). Hanging out to drink chocolate milk shakes is also totally fine.

R: Are there any Recon members you'd like to give a shout out to, who guys should check out?

MM: Hmmm. I feel there are quite a few members I could say I'm into, but don't want to look like more of a creep than I already am. So I'll stick to some local buds. Check out PupVidhra, PupViper, atlloki, phljockpup.

R: Thanks for being our Featured Member. We look forward to catching you at some events this year!