Today is World Aids Day 2021

Today is World Aids Day 2021

from Recon News

01 December 2021

Over the years Recon members have generously donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to worldwide AIDS charities. Your generosity has always been appreciated, and we ask if you can again spare a donation - no matter the size – and continue to show your support for those affected by this disease and join us in helping charities who fight it on the frontlines, and support those who need crucial services.

This year we'd like to highlight three great charities who do great work in the fight against the spread of HIV and in supporting people living with HIV and AIDS: AIDS Memory UK – The UK's newest AIDS memorial, which will be built in London; Housing Works NYC – Helping homeless youth living with HIV to access crucial services; and amfAR – a global charity championing research in the battle against HIV/AIDS. If you would like to donate to these causes, you can also do this on the World AIDS Day page.

Though donations matter a great deal in supporting these organisations and their causes, we also believe that it's important to show those affected that we support them. As such, we're giving all our members the option to add a virtual red ribbon to their Recon profile for free. You can add a ribbon by going to our World AIDS Day page using the below link. The ribbon is a way for you to let those affected by HIV and AIDS know that you stand with them, and we hope that Recon members take this opportunity to show their support for this ongoing fight.

You don't need to donate to add a red ribbon to your profile, as we want the ribbons to demonstrate a massive message of support, but any donations you can provide will, as always, be greatly appreciated by the charities and everyone here at Recon.

Thank you for supporting Recon's World AIDS Day 2021 campaign.