WATCH: Gear Up For The Fetish Evolution

WATCH: Gear Up For The Fetish Evolution

from Recon News

27 October 2014

Here at Recon we recognise that your fetish constantly evolves and so the Recon Store is constantly producing new and exciting gear for you to get your hands on.

Check out this video we've made to give you a closer look at the hot new gear we're producing. We think you'll agree the guys in the video look hot as fuck geared up, and you will too.

We pride ourselves on high quality gear that's handmade in the UK. All of our gear is exclusive to the Recon Store and is uniquely different for a perfect fit. So take a look at the video to get an idea of how good it's going to look on you!

SKIN UP in the Recon London Rubber Skin range. BE MORE PUP in our Recon London Pup Rubber hood and paws. GET PERVERTED in the Recon London Perverted Rubber range. FLIP THE SCRIPT with the Recon Signature Rubber V2.